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Working on a peril story.

How should the heroine get overpowered and tied up?

A: Verbal command
B: Paralyzing powder
C: Held at gunpoint
D: Other: please comment

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Fightqueen: The Cool Kidz

Gina had started an investigation towards a missing college girl Nina Anderson.
Searching on her computer she found out the person was most likely kidnapped by a group who called themselves: The Cool Kidz.
The Cool Kidz was basically a group of misfits, punks and drop outs.
Most of their time they spent hanging out on the street, goofing around with skate boards and spraying graffiti on the walls.
The trouble they caused was mostly loud music, graffiti and sometimes a bit of vandalism.

Gina was surprised that they might have kidnapped someone.
However she decided to check them out.
Donning her Fightqueen custom she did not expect a lot of trouble.
Most of those kids were barely nineteen and a while ago she had defeated The Talon of Death.
This was most likely going to be a very easy mission.
Which was a nice change of pace considering Bugia kept recruiting people to murder her.
Moving over the rooftops she arrived at the abandoned office building they called their headquarters.
The entire building had been decorated with their graffiti.
Fightqueen thought about her plan of action.
Usually she would just sneak in and subdue any guards standing in her way.
However she did not know this building and she did not want to use violence against kids.

Also intruding their headquarters could provoke aggression, which again would result in her having to use violence against kids.

Fightqueen considered her options for a while and then looked at a few of the Kidz skateboarding on the street.
They all wore caps, colorfull shirts and worn out jeans. Most likely a result from the many falls they sustained during skateboarding.
Fightqueen looked for a moment at girl with a purple Mohawk who did some impressive moves with her skateboard.
Two teenagers who looked barely sixteen had excluded themselves from the others and were busy with conversation.
"Perfect." Fightqueen thought.
She would approach them and use a bit of intimidation to ask them about the missing student.

The boy and the girl were caught up in a conversation and did not pay any attention to their surroundings.
"No! Ethan Socrates was completely right when he attacked the basic beliefs of the Athenians. He showed them that a lot of populair opinion had no ground in right reason." The girl spoke firmly."

"That may be so. But he was still stupid because they killed him for it. If he had not came that hard at them and did not attack their beliefs they would have listened to him and….. you know….maybe not killed him." The boy spoke clearly upset that the girl disagreed with him.

"But that is the entire point. He rather died than adapted himself to their false beliefs. That is called being a martyr" The girl spoke loudly against the boy.

"Yeah because dying a martyr death is the best possible outcome." Ethan said annoyed.

He then suddenly noticed the dark clad woman who seemed to materialize out of the shadows.
"What the…." He let out as he and the girl looked at her.

"I know that you Kidz have abducted Megan Anderson. Where is she?" Fightqueen spoke with a threatening voice that seemed to cut straight through them.

"Anderson? What the…." The girl uttered scared as she tried to step back but was blocked by the wall.

Fightqueen took a step forward as she spoke threaneningly.
"You made a big mistake kidnapping her. Tell me where she is now or…AAAHHH!" As she intimidated the two youngsters Fightqueen had not noticed Ida the girl with the Mohawk haircut sneaking up on her.
In the middle of her sentence the girl decided to attack.
Moving at Fightqueen from behind she leaned forward and slammed her shoulder hard against Fightqueen’s buttocks. At the same time she moved her hands around Fightqueen’s legs.
In a push pull motion the girl made Fightqueen fall forward.

As Fightqueen hit the floor she braced out her arms.
"Get her!" The Mohawk girl yelled while she sat down on Fightqueen’s upper legs to keep her pinned down.
Fightqueen put her hands on the floor to push herself up and escape.
However Ethan and the girl had recovered from her intimidating presence. Seeing Fightqueen getting thrown to the floor and held down by Ida quickly shattered the frightening illusion of the mighty vigilante.

As Fightqueen tried to push herself up Ethan grabbed one arm while the girl grabbed the other.
Pulling her arms to the side Fightqueen was forced with her chest to the floor.
Fightqueen was bigger, stronger and a highly trained martial artist. However the combined effort of the teens was too much for her.
With Ida sitting down on her legs she had no leverage.
She struggled with all her might but it was hopeless and she could not stop Ethan and the girl from twisting her arms behind her back.

As she grunted in frustration Ida smiled.
Teasingly she placed her hands over Fightqueen’s buttocks.
"Not so big and bad now?" She giggled.

She then noticed the handcuffs at Fightqueen’s utility belt.

"Ever been cuffed with your own handcuffs before oh Mighty Vigilante?" Ida said mockingly as she cuffed Fightqueen’s wrists together behind her back.
"We captured Fightqueen, that is just so dope." The girl let out with a high pitched voice of excitement.
"We should show her to the other Kidz. This is sooooo cool." Ethan added.

Fightqueen felt completely embarrassed. She had been overpowered by three punks who now had restrained her with her own handcuffs.
In triumph the three punks pulled her to her feet and marched her towards the building.


The three teens brought the cuffed Fightqueen into the building like she was a trophy.

The other members gathered around to look at her and cheered in excitement.

Ida tripped over her words as she told them about how she saw Fightqueen threaten Ethan and Ann and how they had heroicly overpowered her.

Fightqueen lowered her head in shame.
She could not believe this had happened to er.
After all the crazy situations she had been through she now had been captured by a group of teenaged skateboarders.
The teenagers moved her on a chair and tied her up.
Her ankles got bound to the legs of the chair and a rope was tied above and below her breasts, making them stick out more.

To her shock Fightqueen realized these kids knew how to tie knots and she would be unable to slip out of her restraints.
Ethan smiled as he seemed to read her thoughts.

"I was a boyscout. I know how to tie knots."
The teenagers began to made selfies while striking all kinds of poses next to her.

The girl Ann removed Fightqueen’s Domino mask and put it on her face.
"I am Fightqueen. And YOU have failed this city!" She said with her annoying, high pitched voice as she poked her finger in Ethan’s chest.
The other kids laughed out loudly.
One of the youngsters stepped forward.
He looked barely seventeen but had an arrogant look on his face and an air of confidence around him.
"Perhaps we should show her she is no longer in charge. Let’s remove that uniform of her." He said with a malevolent smile on his face.

"No wait, listen to me. Do not do this….."
Fightqueen protested and tried to reason with the youngsters.
However they simply laughed at her and used scissors to snap her uniform away.
A minute later her shorts, bustier, stockings and fingerless gloves had been cut to pieces and were lying on the floor around her.
A thong and a velvet bra were the only things covering her well shaped body.
Emberassed and humiliated Fightqueen looked at the floor in shame.

Ida teasingly stroked Fightqueen’s hair.
"You are our captive now. So you better be nice to us." She giggled.

Fightqueen did not say anything and just stared at the floor.

Ida intwined her hand in Fightqueen’s hair and painfully twisted it.
"What was that?" She hissed with her mouth pressed against Fightqueen’s ear.

"Aaahh, yes I will be nice to you." Fightqueen winced.
Ida gently kissed her on the cheek.
"That is a good girl." She whispered while her tongue nuzzled Fightqueen’s ear.

"She beter behaves nice to us. Otherwise we will strip her down completely naked." The arrogant boy laughed as he clearly enjoyed the power they had over the heroine.

Fightqueen felt horrible. She had been captured by teens. But now her suit had been destroyed as well. She was barely clothed and tied up while surrounded by the group youngsters who seemed bound on humiliating her.

The youngsters kept laughing and making fun of her while groping her chest and slapping her bare thighs.

Suddenly one of the youngsters came in and told them that the food was there.
The youngsters left and kept Fightqueen alone in the room.

As she was alone Fightqueen tugged hard at her bonds, however they were not giving an inch.
She cursed herself for having underestimated this situation and now being at the mercy of these punks.

The door opened and Ida entered the room.
She crossed her arms as she looked at the barely clothed and tied up Fightqueen.

For at least ten seconds nothing happened as Ida just looked at her.
It seemed she was up to something but was making up her mind if she would realy do it.

Fightqueen looked at the teenager with her Mohawk, worn out jeans and short shirt that left her midriff exposed.
She looked rebellious and like she wanted to prove something to herself.

Fightqueen decided to break the silence.
"Let me guess, you have dady issues? Fightqueen asked.

"My father is an asshole." Ida replied as she seemed surprised by the question.

Fightqueen made a metal note that she had been right about the girl being rebellious.

Ida slowly walked towards Fightqueen as she seemed to have made a decision.
"I want to make out with you." She said firmly.
Fightqueen gave her a polite smile.
"Sorry girl, I am just not that attracted to you. It must be the Mohawk."
Ida took another step and now stood right in front of Fightqueen.
"I was not asking. There is no one else here. And I could be doing something a lot worse then kiss with you." She said threateningly.

Fightqueen gave her a defiant look. Normally she would have slapped that girl to the ground.
However in her current predicament she was completely helpless and was at the mercy of this girl.

Ida boldly sat on Fightqueen’s lap and held her head with both hands.
"I hope you are a good kisser because you do not want to disappoint me. I might just take out my daddy issues on you" She said half threatingly and half jokingly.

"Come on Queen, I realy need to do this. I will make sure the others behave themselves to you" She followed a bit more pleadingly.

Fightqueen realized she did not have much of a choice.
As Ida locked lips with her hesistantly Fightqueen slowly answered her kiss.
Ida’s kisses started hesistant and uncertain but slowly she became more aggressive and passionate.

Fightqueen felt herself getting aroused as the two kept kissing.
"Hmmmm, this is even better than I imagined it to be." Ida said as she kept looking Fightqueen in the eyes with a loving look on her face.

With a twinkle in her eyes Ida slowly began to unhook Fightqueen’s bra.

Fightqueen realized she was in for a long night.
However then suddenly a gloved hand holding a rag clamped over Ida’s mouth and pulled her backwards.
Surprised Ida struggled to break free. However the rag was soaked with chloroform and after a short struggle her eyes rolled backwards as she entered unconsciousness.

The woman holding her gently lowered Ida to the floor.
She was dressed in all black and her clothing looked a bit like a police uniform used by SWAT.
A utility belt was strapped around her waist which contained handcuffs, two tonfa battons and other devices.
She was wearing a mask that covered the upper part of her head.

"I hope I did not spoil the romance but it did not seem completely consensual and I thought you could use some help." The woman spoke with a familiar voice.

"Unless you are into these kinds of things of course." she added with a teasing smile on her face.

Fightqueen then realized who the female was.
It was Kara Mason.
"Kara? But how?" Fightqueen asked confused.
Kara pulled the mask of her face and her long blond hair fell free.
"It seems I am destined to show up when you are in trouble." She remarked.

"I will explain it to you later. First we have to leave." She said while removing Fightqueen’s bonds.

With her Fightqueen attire torn to pieces Kara handed her some clothes she had found in the other room.
Fightqueen now was dressed just like a punk.
As Ida began to wake up Kara tied her wrists behind her back and gagged her.
The two women then began to make their way out of the building.
As they moved their way through the darkened hallways Fightqueen realized this building was way bigger then she had expected.

"Leaving already?" a voice echoed through the hallway.
The teenager with the arrogant look stepped out of a room and appeared in front of them in the hallway.
Fightqueen and Kara froze as they realized they had been caught.

"So, you have another superhero wannabe to help you escape. That is great. Now we will have two of you to play around with." He smiled as his eyes wandered over Kara.

"I also look forward to punish you for trying to escape us. I am going to have some fun with you." He smiled evilly at Fightqueen.

Kara stepped forward and slapped him hard across the face.
The teenager’s head snapped to the side and he fell to the floor with a dumbfounded look on his face.

"Maybe later honey." Kara said mockingly as she and Fightqueen raced past him and moved through the hallway.

They quickly found an emergency exit and lef the building.


The two of them were at a small apartment used by Kara as her base of operations.
"So after Madam Dani escaped my supervisors decided to drop the case and stop investigating her. I received a paid holiday to recover from my undercover work." Kara spoke as the two sat on the only couch in the living room.

"However I was disappointed so I decided to track down Madam Dani by myself. I came pretty close but it turned out to be a trap and I nearly ended up captured by her and just barely got away. After that I was unable to find any trace of her."
Kara looked straight at Gina.
"So I decided to do like you. Fight crime without the limitations of my supervisors. I got my hands on some equipment and started to take on criminals that the police did not investigate. As I took down some gangs the people began to refer to me as The Lawkeeper."

Gina smiled.
"That is a pretty cool name. So now we are both vigilantes?"

Kara returned her smile.
"I have to thank you for that. You inspired me to do more and look beyond the narrow vision of my superiors. While I worked on a case I heard a rumor that The Cool Kidz had captured Fightqueen. So I let everything fall I was working on and came to the rescue."
Gina leaned towards Kara.
Her eyes were locked with Kara’s and she felt electric jolts move down her spine as she felt a deep desire to kiss her.

For a moment the two leaned towards each other.
But then Kara pulled her head back.
"Oh by the way. I got something for you." She said.

Gina quickly recovered as the moment was gone.
"What is it?" She said while trying to hide her disappointment.

"Since your costume is torn up I think you can use this stuff to make your new costume." Kara said while opening a box.

In the box were dark shorts, a bustier and fingerless gloves in Gina’s size.

"I stole these when I broke in the mansion of some rich guy. He had bought these for his wife." She said as she showed the clothing to Gina.

"Lightweight but it is laced with a special metal that allows it to withstand most caliber bullets and edged weapons. It does not make you bulletproof but you are less vulnerable this way."

Gina looked excited at the clothing.
When The Cool Kidz had destroyed her custome Gina had felt at that moment like a part of her was being destroyed as well.
Like Fightqueen was gone.

However Fightqueen was not gone.
She was coming back stronger and more prepared then ever.

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The Bloodknight

Quite soon Gina had discovered mercenary and assassin extraordinaire Marije Hogerhuizen had checked in a luxurious hotel under a fake identity.
Gina put her attire on and prepared herself for combat.


Without making a sound Fightqueen infiltrated into the floor that had been hired by Marije.
She suspected Marije would be in the office working on how to find Fightqueen.
However as she moved through the recreational area Fightqueen suddenly heard a voice behind her.

"Well, well. I expected you a bit earlier Queen." A mocking voice said.
Fightqueen spun around and saw Marije sitting on one of the chairs at the pool area.

"I knew you would track me to this hotel. Saved me a lot of time tracking you down."

"I hope you enjoyed this hotel because tonight you will be staying in jail." Fightqueen said as she looked at Marije.
The Belgian assassin was wearing her combat suit with the saber and other items hanging from it.

"We will see." Marije grinned as she stood up and drew her saber.

Holding the saber like an experienced fencer Marije darted towards Fightqueen.
However Fightqueen had not come unprepared and drew the telescopic baton she had brough with her.
Marije had a quizzed look as she seemed to wonder how Fightqueen could possibly hope to compete against her fencing skills with a mere stick.
In a swift but cautious strike Marije lashed out with her saber and Fightqueen parried with her baton.
The two danced and slowly Marije began to pressure Fightqueen backwards while their weapons clashed in an elegant serie of strikes and parries.

As Marije began to pressure Fightqueen’s defences more Fightqueen suddenly pressed a small button at the handle of the baton, a cloud of smoke exploded out of the tip of the baton and hit Marije right in her face.

"Aaaaah! Wat is dit?" Marije said surprised as she covered her face with hand and coughed loudly.
The saber fell from her grip and Fightqueen quickly kicked it away.

"Something I picked up recently. A sedatic that will slow your muscles down when you inhale it. Soon you will not be able to move anymore and the cops can pick you up." Fightqueen replied as Marije seemed confused.

"A sedatic? That is cute." Marije snarled as she coughed out loud.
However then she stopped coughing and looked calmly at Fightqueen.
"I build up a resistance for most sedatics out there Queen. You will need a lot more then a party trick to take me down."

In a swift motion Marije moved towards Fightqueen and attacked her with a spinning kick that struck her in the chest and knocked her backwards.
As Fightqueen stumbled to stay on her feet Marije swung a round kick right to her head.
However Fightqueen blocked the kick with her forearm and at the same time she struck Marije hard on her supporting leg with the baton.
Marije grunted in pain and Fightqueen used the moment to backhand her hard across the face with her other hand.
Fightqueen prepared another strike with the baton but in a blur of motion Marije caught her arm and painfully twisted her wrist, forcing her to drop the baton.
Fightqueen managed to escape the wristlock and aimed a swift punch towards the face of Marije.
Marije easily parried the punch with her open hand and then struck Fightqueen against the throat with the side of her hand.

Fightqueen coughed and gasped as the blow nearly broke her windpipe.
As she stepped backwards trying to buy time to recover Marije darted towards her.
Fightqueen raised her hands in a fighting stance.
Marije seized her wrist and pulled her arm to the side, creating an opening the Belgian then slammed her fist hard to the side of Fightqueen’s ribcage and made her wince in pain.
Fightqueen felt a burning pain radiate through her side where the assassin had just struck her.

Marije attacked her again and the two exchanged some swift blows while they tried to land a strike on the other.
Fightqueen was able to press forward and landed an elbow strike that forced the Belgian backwards.
Fightqueen aimed another strike, however the strike was a bit unbalanced and Marije saw it coming and parried it while at the same time countering with another punch to her side, hitting the exact same spot as before.
Fightqueen grunted and her hands unwittingly lowered to protect her side.
As she did Marije opened her hands and then slapped down hard on the ears of Fightqueen.

Fightqueen felt like her skull got split in half and her head was ringing.
The blow to her ears had badly affected her eqilibreum and made her stagger like a drunk as she nearly fell over.
Marije moved forward and connected a vicious kick into the abdomen of Fightqueen.
Fightqueen groaned as the air got knocked out of her lungs and she got knocked to the floor with a loud thud.

In triumph Marije looked down at her fallen opponent.
"You are a great fighter Fightqueen, I give you that." She said with a bit of admiration in her voice.
However I am a master of combat. Your death was sealed the moment I took the contract on your life. You will be just another number on my list."
She then stepped towards Fightqueen to finish her off.
However as she got close Fightqueen swiped her leg out in a sudden motion and knocked Marije off her feet.
Marije hit the floor but quickly rolled back to her feet, a surprised look on her face.

"I think your list is long enough right now. I am going to make sure no one ends up on your list anymore." Fightqueen said defiantly as she stood up in front of the assassin.
Then Fightqueen attacked aggressively with a flury of strikes.
Marije tried to counter but was overwhelmed by Fightqueen’s sudden aggression.
Fightqueen landed some vicious punches towards her face and then connected a hard knee to her stomach that made Marije double over.

Without giving the assassin any chance to recover Fightqueen connected a hard palm strike that stunned Marije and made her stumble backwards.
As Fightqueen aimed another punch Marije caught her arm and pulled her off balance.
Marije tried to twist the heroine’s arm behind her back however Fightqueen elbowed her hard in her face and blood poured out of her nose.

Fightqueen attacked with more strikes but Marije was able to catch her arm and threw Fightqueen to the floor with a perfect hipthrow.
As Fightqueen hit the floor Marije scissored her legs around her arm and fell backwards for an armbar.
Arching her back Marije began to hyperextend Fightqueen’s arm over her hip.
Fightqueen fought like crazy and tried to wiggle free.
Her elbow made a hard popping sound but using her flexibility Fightqueen was able to slither out of the armbar.
The two grappled but this time Fightqueen was able to come out on top and pressed her knee on Marije’s belly.
She began to punch down hard at Marije’s face and the assassin desperately raised her arms up to block the blows.

Just as Fightqueen thought Marije was about to go down the assassin suddenly twisted her body and was able to get back to her feet.

The two women stood in front of each other.
Marije whiped the blood from her face with her hand.
"Seems like you are a bit better then I had expected after all." Marije spoke slowly and then suddenly attacked.

Spinning around she aimed her heel in a whirling motion to the side of Figthqueen’s head.
Fightqueen stepped backwards and allowed the kick to whish through the space where her head had been just a split second ago.
Fightqueen then sprung forward and aimed a punch to the face of the assassin.
However her punch hit nothing but air as the assassin had performed a sidestep and at the same time aimed a chop to the side of her neck.
Fightqueen blocked the strike and replied with a round kick aimed at the side of Marije’s head.

However as soon as she tried this Marije caught her leg with both hands and performed a twisting motion. The twist spun Fightqueen to the floor and made her land flat on her belly and chest.
As Fightqueen was down Marije kept a hold of her leg and switched her grip to Fightqueen’s ankle.
Fightqueen tried to pull free but Marije sharply twisted her ankle and Fightqueen felt a loud popping sound and a sharp pain.
"AAAAAHHH!" Fightqueen screamed in pain as it felt like her ankle got dislocated.

Still holding her leg Marije raised her feet and then stomped down hard on Fightqueen’s back.
The stomp knocked the air out of Fightqueen’s lungs and she felt a numbing pain shooting through her lower body.
Marije stomped again but this time on the side of her ribcage.
Fightqueen felt ribs snap and screamed as Marije gave another vicious stomp on her ribs.

Fightqueen could barely breath anymore and her chest hurt each time she tried to inhale.
Her ankle as well as her back were damaged and she realized this could very well be the end.
Her body began to feel weak and she was close to passing out.

Marije put her feet against her side and rolled Figthqueen towards her back.
"Like I said your faith is sealed." She spoke with a determined look on her face.

Fightqueen wanted to reply but Marije raised her feet and stomped down in her abdomen, making Fightqueen cough for air.
With Fightqueen subdued, Marije calmly picked up her saber and then walked back towards her now helpless foe.
Fightqueen was close to passing out and she was vaguely aware of Marije standing over her.
Marije put her feet on Fightqueen’s throat and began to apply pressure.
Fightqueen gasped for air as her airway was pressed shut.

"I could just choke you under my feet but since you put up a good fight I will give you an honorable death." Marije spoke.
Fightqueen was barely aware of the tip of the saber being placed on her chest with trained precision, preparing to pierce her heart.

As she realized this was the end Fightqueen noticed a person appearing behind Marije.
However before she was able to see who it was darkness engulfed her and she sank into unconsciousness.


Fightqueen blinked her eyes as she woke up.
As she looked around she noticed she was in a large king sized bed in a familiar looking bedroom.
Her body was still aching from the beating and her ankle was wrapped in bandage.
As she moved the blanket she realized her custome had been removed and she was now completely naked.

The memories flooded back in her mind and she realized how she had fought Marije and ultimately had been defeated.
However this bedroom did not appeared to be the afterlife…

"Hello there sleepyhead." A teasing voice said.
Gina looked up and saw an athletic woman had entered the bedroom, an amused smile on her face.

It was Feline Leste.
The alluring redhead’s curly long hair was hanging around her face and she was wearing only her undergarments, which showed of her fantastic body.

"Feline? But… how?" Gina said confused.

Feline gave her a cup of tea as she smiled satisfied.
"I will tell you. I showed up just in time to see that cruel Bloodknight about to pierce my little bird. So I stopped her."

"You saved me?" Gina asked confused as she vaguely remembered how she passed out while Marije had been about to execute her.

"Of course I did. I mean I could not let her kill you. Who else would then try to catch me on the rooftops at night before falling for my tricks and ending up in bed with me?" She giggled with a naughty smile.

Gina tried to sit up in the bed but her back ached painfully where Marije had kicked her.

"Be carefull sweetie. That Belgian put a number on you." Feline said with concern in her voice.

"Your ankle nearly got dislocated and the tendons have been badly strained. Your ribs have been badly bruised and you had a displaced vertebra and nearly broke your spinal cord. I managed to move it back in position but I think you will be out of action for the next three weeks." Feline spoke surprisingly serious.

"Where did you learned to be a medic?" Gina asked surprised by the medical skills of Feline.

Feline gave her a teasing smile.
"Long story. A more interesting question would be…. What are you going to do the next three weeks when you can not run around on rooftops?"
Feline then slowly began to pull the blanket away and exposed Gina’s naked body.

"Not sure…. Perhaps I can find someone that would like to spend time with me." Gina replied with a flirting look on her face.

"Someone to steal your heart?"
Her eyes filled with lust Feline crawled on top of Gina and the two kissed each other passionately.
Feline’s hands caressed all over Gina’s body while she was carefull to avoid her badly bruised ribs.
Gina tugged hungrily at Feline’s undergarments to strip the thief naked.
Less then 10 seconds later Feline had her undergarments removed and the two were entangled in a loving embrace.

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Fightqueen: Being Hunted

At home Gina was working on her crusade against Bugia.
After the failure of Mr. Talon, Bugia had put a bounty on her head. A variety of assassins, mercenaries and other despicable characters had showed up to kill her.
However so far Fightqueen had defeated every single of them that had came for her.
A few times she nearly had been defeated however by sheer will and quite a bit of luck she had managed to turn the tables and come out victorious.

However despite her success Fightqueen felt like she was outmatched.
Bugia was to powerfull and he could just keep sending hired killers after her till one of them would overwhelm her.
Something had to change and Fightqueen just found something.

She had found out there was another delivery that was kept out of the records.
This one was carefully hidden and it had took Fightqueen a few hours to find out about this.
The delivery was to be made at one of Bugia’s company buildings after midnight.

Fightqueen moved over the rooftops agily as she made her way towards he building.
They had tried to keep this delivery a secret so Fightqueen expected the security would be low profile.
Bugia was up to something and she was curious what it could be that he had taken all these precautions.
Perhaps it was something important and if she could steal it she might be able to use it against him.

In a gracefull jump she leaped from one roof to the other as she saw the building of Bugia in the distance.
Suddenly she heard a whistling sound.
Before she was able to react a rope hit her legs and wrapped itself around her ankles.
With her ankles tied together Figthqueen fell unceremoniously forward and landed on her front.

In a swift motion she rolled to her side and tried to remove the rope around her feet.
Stones were tied on the end of the ropes and Fightqueen realized it was a bola. A primitive weapon used by tribes in the jungle to hunt animals.

As she tried to remove it a figure suddenly landed on the roof.

"Dit was een stuk makkelijker dan ik dacht. Die Italiaan beweerde dat je een echte uitdaging was."
Fightqueen looked at the figure.
It was an athletic looking brunette with her hair in a high bun, wearing a red combat suit that fitted her lean body like a glove.
A saber was hanging from her hip and a belt was around her waist which contained a variety of weaponry.
"Dus je bent de koningin die al die huurmoordenaars wist te verslaan. Je ziet er niet bepaald indrukwekkend uit." The woman spoke as she slowly walked towards the ensnared Queen.

Figthqueen looked quized as she did not understand her.

The woman seemed to realize this and switched to English.
"My name is Marije from Belgium. The Italian hired me to end you permanently."

Fightqueen looked up.
"Let me guess, he offered you a few million to kill me?"

"Yes, but the cash is just a formality to show that this is serious. I accepted his offer because he promised me you would be a challenge. However it seemed he was wrong. You will be my easiest prey ever." Marije spoke as she slowly drew a collapsible spear she had been carrying on her back.

The bola holding her ankles together was not that tight and she believed she would be able to slip loose.
However Marije was in the process of impaling her with the spear.

"Any final words?" Marije said as she stood over Fightqueen.
Fightqueen did not say anything and suddenly threw a small ball to the floor which exploded in a thick cloud of smoke.
Marije tried to aim the spear but Figthqueen leaped up and kicked it out of her hands.

"You are a bit more resourcefull then I thought Queen." Marije said as she looked around in the smoke.
In a swift motion she ducked low and her own bola flew over her head.
Rolling to the side Marije drew the saber from her hip.

As the smoke disappeared Figthqueen was standing there the spear in her hand and pointed at Marije.
Marije had an amused smile on her face as she raised the saber.
"So you are going to make me work for it."
Then she darted towards Figthqueen and attacked her.
Fightqueen used the spear to block her strikes.
The two women danced over the rooftop while they exchanged a series of strikes and parries with their weapons.
Fightqueen thrusted the spear at her opponent but it was easily blocked and instantly countered by a slash of the saber that barely missed her neck.

"Your resistance is most amusing, but in the end you will lose. My family has fought and killed for generations. You are no match for me." Marije said as she slowly began to gain the upper hand on Fightqueen.

With her saber Marije forced the end of Fightqueen’s spear to the floor and then stomped on it, causing the tip to break of.
Fightqueen stepped back just in time to avoid a slash aimed at her leg.
However as she did Marije followed up with a whirling kick that knocked the broken spear out of her hands.

Marije stabbed with the saber at her chest but Fightqueen stepped to the side and grabbed Marije’s wrist with both hands. In a sharp twisting motion she tried to force the saber from her grasp.
However Marije moved with the direction of the twist and used Fightqueen her own momentum to trip her to the floor.
As Fightqueen’s back hit the floor Marije stabbed with the saber towards her chest.
In a last second response Fightqueen rolled to the side and the saber impaled the floor where her chest had been a split second ago.
Before Marije could pull the saber free Fightqueen leaped from the floor and kicked her hard in the body, making Marije stumble backwards.

Fightqueen charged forward and aimed a flying knee however it was quickly dodged by Marije.
The two women now slowly circled each other as they looked for a moment to pounce.

"You are a more interesting challenge than I had expected Queen." Marije said with a smile as she clearly enjoyed this.

"It is going to get even better. After this challenge you are going to spend a lot of time in prison." Fightqueen replied sharply.

Marije simply smiled and then moved towards Fightqueen.
Moving around the two women exchanged a flury of punches and kicks.
Fightqueen was surprised by the grace and skill of Marije. Moving like water the Belgian spun around and performed a kick, aiming her heel for the side of Fightqueen’s face.
Fightqueen dodged but as she tried to counter Marije caught her with a perfectly straight punch to her abdomen that made her double over in agony.
Marije prepared to follow up with a chop to the back of her neck to finish the heroine off.
However Fightqueen was able to block in time and stepped back out of range.
Marije spun towards her again and another flashy kick nearly took Fightqueen’s head off.

Fightqueen blocked another kick and was able to land a hard punch across the assassin’s face and then threw Marije to the floor.
However as Marije hit the floor she swept her leg out and made Fightqueen tumble to the floor as well.
As both women got up Fightqueen swung a punch but Marije ducked low and tackled her to the floor.
After a wild struggle Marije ended up straddling her chest and began to throw heavy punches towards the face of Fightqueen.

Fightqueen raised her arms in an attempt to shield her face from the vicious punches.
In an explosive motion Fightqueen bucked up her hips and attempted to throw marije off her.
However Marije seemed prepared for something like this and got behind her.
Wrapping her legs around Fightqueen’s waist she slid her arm around her neck and began to apply pressure on her neck with a tight sleeperhold.
Fightqueen felt the pressure on her neck but she was able to keep her cool.
Rolling to the other side Fightqueen was able to escape the angle of the chokehold.
With her hands she pulled Marije’s arm away and squirmed out of her hold.

Both women got back to their feet and exchanged some heavy punches.
Fightqueen stepped back to avoid a swift punching combination.
As Marije aimed another punch Fightqueen slammed a kick hard against the side of her ribcage that made Marije puff.
With Marije weakened Fightqueen began to press forward and aimed two swift punches towards Marije’s face.
Both punches were blocked and Marije replied by slamming her knee hard into Fightqueen’s upper thigh, knocking her off balance.
In a fluid motion Marije caught the heroine’s wrist and rotated it painfully forcing her to bend over.

Fightqueen grunted as Marije took advantage of this position and kicked her in the stomach to soften her up.
Applying pressure on her wrist and elbow Marije tried to force her to a prone position Fightqueen performed a quick front flip and escaped the wrist lock.
Landing on her feet Fightqueen elbowed Marije hard against her face and made her head snap backwards.
Fightqueen swung another punch but Marije caught her arm and used her own momentum to pull her off balance.
In a swift motion Marije got behind her, slipped her arms underneath Fightqueen’s and pressed her hands against the back of her head, applying a tight full nelson that forced Fightqueen’s arms above her head.

Fightqueen’s arms were completely immobilized and her head was forced downwards towards her chest. Fightqueen strained as the hold tightened and the pressure on her neck increased.

"Zo stoer ben je nu niet meer he konninginetje?" Marije hissed excited as she knew she had won this fight.
Dragging Fightqueen backwards Fightqueen could not even attempt to stomp on Marije’s toes.

"Ik moet zeggen dat ik het uitzicht op deze daken fantastisch vind. Ik hoop dat jij er ook van geniet." Marije said mockingly.

In a swift motion she spun around and threw Fightqueen away, throwing her off the roof.

Fightqueen was confused for a split second as she was not hitting the ground and it felt like she was flying.
However she then realized she was falling off the rooftop.
Far down below she saw a street with cars parked and pavement.
For a moment she noticed a mailbox illuminated by the streetlights.
She then realized the ground was closing fast as her fall began to accelerate.
It took another split second to realize that it would take a couple seconds to close the distance to the rapidly closing earth, where her body would hit the pavement and shatter like an eg hitting a brick wall.

Instinctively Fightqueen reached for the grapple gun at her belt and fired it blindly at the wall.
She made a quick prayer that her hook would connect otherwise this would be the end of her career as a heroine.
However her hook did connect to the wall and she used the zipline of her gun to slowly lower herself towards the pavement.

Standing on the roof Marije looked frustrated as Fightqueen had somehow used a tool to save herself.
Looks like this assignment would take a bit longer then expected after all.


At her home Gina removed her uniform and took a long hot shower.
This Marije was a highly dangerous adversary and Gina realized it had been close or she would not have lived to tell the tale.
On her computer she searched on information about her.
She found some information about Marije Hogerhuizen. She had been named Bloodknight. Apparently she was from a long line of Belgian aristocrats who had made their fortune working as mercenaries and contract killers.
Gina saw that her ancestors had took part in almost every major war and conflict in the world.
Marije was not just a contract killer she was the product of generations making money by killing people.
Marije was in her mid twenties but she had already a reputation of performing every assignment with flawless efficiency.
She had helped overthrow governments in Africa, had assassinated numerous politicians and had killed all kinds of people in various cities in the world.

She also had been hired multiple times by criminal organizations and had killed at least a dozen masked vigilantes both male and female who had dared to stand against those organizations.
Gina read some more and learned that after killing them Marije had taken their masks as a trophy.

Marije was not just a killer for hire, she killed heroes who dared to stand up against the criminals that plagued society. Gina was now even more motivated to take her down.

She began to track down where Marije could be hiding.
Last time Marije had the element of surprise and had nearly defeated Gina, however this time Gina would be the one suprising her.

To be continued.......
Fightqueen: Being Hunted
Fourteenth installment of my character Fightqueen.
Please let me know what you think and feel free to offer suggestions for future stories.

Next installment within a week.

Special thanks to fairyprincessjess.deviantart.c… for ideas and feedback.

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Fightqueen: Talon of Death

In the Bugia Tower Sara walked in the waiting room where a man was looking out of the window.
The man was completely dressed in black.
He wore a long leather jacket that was hanging open and revealed the body armor he was wearing underneath it.
His eyes were covered by large sunglasses.

"Mr Bugia is ready to see you sir." Sara said politely while she gestured at the door.

Without a word the man turned around and followed her in the elevator.

Bugia sat behind his desk in his massive office as they came out of the elevator and made their way towards him.
His office had been decorated to impress people.
Usually when they first walked in they were looking around and were marveled by all the glamour and luxury it contained. The interior was worth at least 15 million.

However the man Sara had brought with her did not seem impressed. He did not even seem to notice the luxury.

"Welcome Mr. Talon. I heard great things about you. You are also known as The Talon of Death. Am I correct?" Bugia said cordially.

Mr. Talon did not say anything.

"I understand you are a former Black Ops operator, specialized in close range combat. Trained Ninjutsu in Japan, Kobudo in Okinawa. However most impressive is that you have never failed an assignment." Bugia went on.

"Do you have an assignment for me or do you want to write my biography?" Talon remarked coldly.
His voice was low and reminded Bugia a bit of the growl of an animal.

"And quick to the point. Yes I do have an assignment for you."

"There is a vigilante who had tried to attack me. Her name is Fightqueen. I need her death, the sooner the better."

Talon nodded.
"Consider it done."

"This Fightqueen is incredibly resourceful and should not be underestimated. She managed to fight her way through my security and left this building by jumping of the balcony." Bugia said while pointing at the balcony.

For the first time since entering this building Talon showed a bit of emotion as he gave Bugia a look of scorn.
Then he suddenly ran towards the balcony and jumped over the ledge.

Bugia and Sara just looked baffled.
After a while Sara said something.
"Well, it seems Mr. Talon’s skills are on point with Fightqueen."

"I hope this shit is over soon. I am getting tired of freaks leaping down my balcony." Bugia grunted while he reached for a drink.


"I swear to you Gina this guy is perfect for you. Ruby likes computers just like you, he is funny and cute." Vivian rattled against Gina.

Since an hour ago Vivian had tried to convince Gina to start date a guy.

"Come on Gina. You spend way to much time at home studying. You need someone to cheer you up."

"I am a bit bussy for dating right now Viv." She said while she thought about how she now was engaged in a one woman crusade againt one of the wealthiest and most ruthless persons in the city.

"Just meet him once Gina. I have a knack for this. After ten years when you two are married and raising children you will thank me." Vivian spoke with enthousiasm.

Gina rolled her eyes at these words.
"Allright, allright I will date with him. Are you happy now?"

"That is great Gina. You will like him, I am sure."

Gina had a hard time believing that.
As Vivian gave her his number she was already thinking about her next move against Bugia.

She had found out Bugia had a delivery off the record at one of his factories tonight.
She was curious to what it could be.


Donning her Fightqueen uniform she moved through the night.
The factory was surrounded by a large fence and they were clearly not keen on visitors.

With a mighty leap Fightqueen leaped over the fence and began to sneak through the place.
She saw several guards escorting a few crates that were being transported to a warehouse.
After the crates had been stored two guards kept watch while the rest went back in the factory.

Fightqueen was very curious what was in that crate that two guards would permanently watch it.
Silently Fightqueen sneaked towards the two guards.
They were not talking with each other and kept watch of their surroundings.
That proved they were very capable and of a higher standard then most guards.
They were probably former spec ops like a lot of the security Bugia was using.

If that was true they were most likely aware of Bugia being complete scum.
Yet they still decided to work for him.
This was good. Now Fightqueen could feel less bad for beating them up.

The first guard scanned the areau when he suddenly noticed a shadow leaping down at him.
Before he was able to react a kick caught him square in the face and knocked him out.

The second guard reacted instantly. He raised the rifle at the black clad women. But before he could pull the trigger the weapon was knocked to the side and he took a hard punch to the face.
Dazed he swung a punch, however his arm was grabbed and he got pulled of balance.
Fightqueen forced him to the grond while she had her arm tightly wrapped around his neck in a chokehold.
After a few seconds the man passed out.

Fightqueen used the laces of their shoes to tie them up and gagged them with their own socks.
"The taste of defeat." She joked while she walked towards the crate.

Suddenly there was a slight change in the wind and a whistling sound.
Her sharp reflexes saved her as she ducked low and a throwing star pierced the air where the side of her neck had been just a split second ago.

She quickly turned towards the direction it had come from.
In the darkened warehouse she saw a man appear out of the shadows.
He was dressed in dark clothing with a leather jacket.
Despite the night he was wearing sunglasses.

"Yes that would have been too easy. Any final words before I kill you." The man said with a voice that sounded like the growl of an animal.

"Charmed. Well, I would like to know who you are?" Fightqueen said with a sarcastic voice.

The man stepped closer and his body tensed a bit like a cat ready to pounce.
"My name is Talon: The Talon of Death. And you are my next kill." He growled and then moved towards her.

Moving with the agility of a cat he swung a whirling kick aimed at her head.
However Fightqueen dodged the kick with a step backwards.
The two combatants exchanged punches and kicks while they circled each other.
Her opponent was clearly highly trained but Fightqueen was able to block most of his attacks and land a few blows of her own.
As Talon swung a kick Fightqueen caught his leg and threw him to the floor.

Talon seemed to realize he was not going to beat her in hand to hand combat as he suddenly pulled out a sword that had been hidden in his jacket.
The assassin moved towards her swinging the sword like a trained expert.
Moving backwards she avoided the slashes.

Noticing a broom against the wall she grabbed it and whirled it around like a staff.
Talon swung his sword again but she parried with the broom.
She knew that the sword was sharper but the broom was was long and allowed her to keep him at distance.
As she parried again Talon anticipated and grabbed her broom with his left hand while he swung the sword towards her with his other hand.
However Fightqueen countered this by grabbing his wrist and twisting it outwards, forcing him to drop the sword.
Talon grunted in pain but then performed a backflip and escape her wristlock.

The two looked at each other for a moment but then they heard commotion outside and guards running towards the warehouse.
Talon looked at her for a moment.
"Looks like you will live a little while longer Queen." He growled and then moved his arm to the floor.
There was an explosion of grey smoke and as the smoke cleared he was gone.

Fightqueen did not have a lot of time to wonder where he had gone as the guards came into the warehouse.
Swiftly she moved through a window and disappeared in the night.


"And how was last night?" Vivian asked impatiently.

"What?" Gina looked surprised.

"With Ruby. I thought you would call him."

"I was occupied. Perhaps later."

"No later dear. You should date him right now."

Gina tried to talk her way out but Vivian was relentless.
After 30 minutes Gina had looked Ruby up on Facebook.
To her surprise he looked kinda cute.
He was working as a software developer and Gina could understand why Vivian thought he was perfect for a girl who spend most her times behind a computer.
Except that Gina was not that girl. She spend most of her time on rooftops and fighting bad guys with her bare hands.

However she called Ruby and after a long chat they agreed they would meet and go out together.


That night Fightqueen was again on the move.
She had became very curious about those crates and what they contained.
She wanted to check the delivery papers.
Trying to break in the same factory twice can be considered stupid or bold.
However it was also unexpected.

Clearly the security of the factory had been raised however Fightqueen was able to infiltrate the office without much trouble.
As she went through the manuscripts she could not find a clue of any crates being delivered last night.

She then went to the security office.
The two guards there never saw her coming and a few seconds later they were both knocked out.
Going through the footage she tried to find any footage of the crates.
Perhaps she could zoom in and catch a name or a serial number.
However to her surprise all the security footage of last night had been erased.

Whatever was in those crates was clearly highly secretive.

Not having much other options right now she left the factory and drove away on her motorcycle.
As she drove away a shuriken suddenly whistled through the air and hit the tire of her motorcycle.

As her motorcycle crashed Fightqueen jumped of it and landed on her feet.
Talon leaped from a nearby building and landed on his feet with his cat like agility.

"You escaped death once. However now it is time to die." He growled.

Fightqueen moved in her fighting stance.
"After I am done with you, you are going to need a new nickname." She mocked.

Talon drew his sword and came towards her.
As he swung his blade Fightqueen performed a no handed carthwheel and moved over his strike.
Without stopping she ran in the nearest building.
She went to the first floor but as she entered Talon entered through the window.

He swung the sword at her but Fightqueen used a chair to block his stab.
The sword got stuck in the chair and Figthqueen gave a twist which made him lose the grip on the sword.
However as she did he dropped low and caught her in the gut with a swift kick.
Fightqueen stepped back and now both fighters circled each other with nothing but their bare hands as weapons.

Talon let out a loud growl as he moved forward and aimed a punch towards her throat.
Fightqueen parried the punch and replied with a hard knee to his gut that made him stagger backwards.
Talon was highly skilled and each of his attacks was swift and well balanced but Fightqueen began to recognize the patterns in his movements.
He had certain twitches and preferences that allowed her to defend his attacks in time.

Talon aimed a swift spin kick towards her side but Fightqueen dodged it and punched him across the face.
His sunglasses fell off, revealing his red, cat like eyes.

"Wow, you really are a daywalker." Fightqueen said mockingly.

Talon was furious and attacked her again.
Fightqueen grabbed the collars of his coat and fell to her back, completely surprising him.
As he was off balance she put her feet to his stomach and used his own momentum to catapult him across the room, straight through the window.

Talon was somehow able to hold on to the ledge of the window.
Fightqueen looked down at him as he was hanging on.

"Who send you? Was it that dog Bugia?" Fightqueen asked as she looked down at the defeated warrior.

"I am not telling you anything. Just kill me." He growled while his red eyes seemed to burn holes through her.

"Nah, I think the cops would like to talk to you about your line of work." Fightqueen said while she slapped a handcuff around his wrist holding the ledge. She attached the other cuff to the window.
Forcing him to keep hanging on the ledge.

Talon seemed to lose his composure as he realized he was captured.
"You think you can do this to me. I will kill you! I will kill you!" He roared in rage.

"Have fun in prison daywalker." Fightqueen said as she walked away.


The next day after college she felt a bit uneasy. It was not every night that she defeated a real life ninja.
Who knew what other people Bugia would send after her.

"Surprise! Who am I?" A voice shouted behind her while a hand covered her eyes.
Gina was still processing what happened but her body was already reacting.
She seized the hand covering her eyes and with a sharp twist she threw her attacker over her shoulder.
Ruby landed flat on his back and let out a pained scream.

Gina then realized what had happened.
"Oh god Ruby! I am so sorry!" Gina let out as she looked down at his pained face.

"It is fine." He grunted as he slowly crawled back to his feet.

Something told Gina that their date might not become a success.


Bugia sat in his office with a glass of highly expensive wine.
That big shot Talon had been taken in by the cops.
He was quite disappointed.

Taking another sip of his drink he suddenly noticed someone was standing in the middle of his office.

The person was wearing a dark cloak and a hood that threw a shadow over its face.
The dark coat seemed a mixture between the habit of a monk and the clothes a serial killer in a movie would wear.
A sword was attached to the belt around its waist and in his gloved hands he was wielding a quarterstaff.

"It seems you have a problem at your hands Mr. Bugia." The person said with a deep unearthly voice.

As the person spoke Bugia felt like the room was suddenly cooling down multiple degrees.
"Just a temporary setback, nothing to worry about. Everything will go as planned." Bugia tried to say with a confident smile.

"She nearly got to the shipment. This nearly failed. You nearly failed." The person spoke with an unnatural voice. The way the words were pronounced was surprisingly sophisticated.

Bugia wanted to reply but he could not find the words.

"When you wanted your bussines saved we made a deal. You gave your word you would honor your part of that. I do not need to remind you that failure will have consequences." The hooded person spoke with its nightmarish voice.

"I will keep up my part of the deal. Fightqueen will no longer be a problem" Bugia said weakly while he felt sweat pearl down his forehead.

"Solve this situation. You do not want me to solve it for you."
As the person spoke he moved and was suddenly gone.

Five minutes later Bugia still stared at the place where the person had been standing.
Fightqueen: Talon of Death
Thirteenth installment of my character Fightqueen.
Please let me know what you think and feel free to offer suggestions for future stories.

Next installment within a week.

Special thanks to fairyprincessjess.deviantart.c… for ideas and feedback.


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