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Fightqueen: In Fifty Shades

Since a week ago Gina had started an investigation towards the disappearance of Madison.
Madison was a student at her school and while she did not knew her personally she did knew her boyfriend Tom.
Tom and Madison had been a couple for over a year now and he was freaking out that Madison had suddenly disappeared.
The trail had led Gina to a BDSM club and high-class brothel named: Fifty Shades.
She had learned all she could find about the club and it was rumored that some very rich and mighty people used the services of the club to fulfill their deepest and darkest desires.

Despite her thorough research she could not find any proof of illegal activities so the cops would never dare to search the club.

However perhaps Fightqueen could take a look.

It was full moon as Fightqueen moved over the rooftops with cat like agility.
She was wearing tight, dark pants and a black bustier that covered the areau from above her breasts to just above her belly button.
The dark gymshoes made sure she was able to move silently and agile.
A belt was around her waist that contained handcuffs and some other tools she might need for her mission.
She was wearing long fingerless gloves that covered her entire forearms.
A dark domino mask partially concealed her face.

Fifty Shades was based in a large four storey mansion surrounded by a garden.
Sneaking through the garden Fightqueen was able to reach the side of the house.
Climbing the wall Fightqueen got on the roof and was able to unlock a window and enter the house unnoticed.

She entered a room that looked like an operating room except that there were all kinds of sex toys and other items clearly meant for other purposes then healthcare.
As she left the room and sneaked through the hallway she saw an Asian woman dressed in latex entering a room.
A naked man with a leash around his neck was crawling behind her on all fours.
He had a pig mask on his head and the woman gave a hard tug as she forced him to follow him.
"Hurry up pig or you will get punished badly."

As she door closed Fightqueen continued her way through the large house.
Apparently all these rooms had different uses for all kinds of services.
She realized she had to find an office where information and data was stored.

After moving down the stairs and exploring another floor she found a large office.
Quickly she slipped in and closed the door.
Going through the drawers Fightqueen tried to find anything that could give her a clue.
She then found a file that seemed to consist of people they had an interest in.

To her shock she found pictures of Madison that had seemingly been made while she was unaware.
There were pictures of her meeting Tom and going to college.
Somehow they had spied on her and studied her entire life.

Fightqueen was so caught up in her discovery that she did not hear the clicking of high heels in time.
"Well, well. What do we have here?" A voice said which made Fightqueen flinch and spin around.

She instantly recognized the woman stepping through the doorway as Madam Dani.
Madam Dani was the founder of Fifty Shades and its illustrious headmistress.
She was in her late forties and her blond hair flowed over her shoulders.
Her outfit was completely dark, perfectly accentuated her curvaceous body and left little to the imagination.
Her clothing consisted of a dark thong and a leather bodice, displaying her amble bosom.
She was wearing knee high boots with high heels and her strong, muscular thighs were clad in stocking.

In her left hand she held a long dark whip which she cracked menacingly in the air.

"So the mighty Fightqueen has graced us with a visit. I look forward to play with you." Madam Dani spoke with an amused smile while she slowly took another step towards Fightqueen.

Fightqueen looked defiant at the elder woman.
"I found proof that you have kidnapped several women. Tell me what you did to them! NOW!" Fightqueen said with a commanding voice.

A devious smile appeared on Madam Dani’s face.
"Oh do not worry my love. Soon you will learn all about what I did with them, from deep inside it."
As she finished her words she suddenly lashed out with her whip towards Fightqueen.

However Fightqueen had expected something like this and in a swift motion she raised her arm and caught the end of the whip with her hand. The whip looped around her hand and for just a split second she seemed to notice a look of surprise and a bit of admiration on Madam Dani’s face.

However then Dani’s smile grew wider and she gave a hard tug at the whip pulling Fightqueen off balance.
Caught of guard Fightqueen stumbled forward while trying to recover her balance.
As she did Madam Dani stepped forward and thrusted her knee upwards, kneeing Fightqueen right between the legs.
The impact was so hard that it knocked Fightqueen to her toes.

For a split second she felt nothing but then an agonizing pain exploded in her groin and rushed through her lower body.

"OOOOHHHAAAHHHH!" Fightqueen let out a pained scream as she collapsed to her knees and clutched her groin.

"We just met and I am already having fun." Madam Dani said with her devious smile.

She raised her right hand and slapped Fightqueen hard across the face, causing her head to snap to the side.
The slap was more intended to humiliate then to cause damage.
Fightqueen’s body was paralyzed by pain and she could not even move her legs if she wanted to.
The devastating low blow had quite literally knocked the fight out of her.

Dani grabbed Fightqueen’s hair and gave a sharp pull, forcing Fightqueen to look her in the eyes.

"Tsk, tsk. Not so confident now huh? Slaves belong on their knees."

She then noticed the handcuffs on Fightqueen’s belt and took them.

"Oh these are nice. You brought me a nice present to restrain you with."

With a cruel laugh she pulled Fightqueens arms behind her back and restrained her with her own handcuffs.

Grabbing Fightqueens hair she gave a painfull tug and forced her to her feet.
"How rich that you came in here. I am going to have so much fun taming you." She whispered with her mouth pressed against Fightqueens ear.
Keeping a firm grip on her hair Madam Dani led Fightqueen away.


Fightqueen was moved into a dark labyrinth of basements under the house.
In a dungeon like room Madam Dani began to remove her mask and clothing.
Madam Dani clearly took greaty joy in stripping down the captured heroine.

Completely naked Fightqueens wrists were chained to the ceiling and her ankles were trapped in a spreadbar, forcing her arms and legs wide.

"Naked and exposed just how I like my subs to be." Madam Dani said as she seemed to inspect Fightqueens body looking her up and down as if looking for flaws or imperfections.
She had a riding crop in her hand which she teasingly moved over her captive’s body.

"Your body is absolutely amazing. We have clients that will love to play with a former heroine like you. That is after I tame you of course." Madam Dani said while her free hand roamed over Fightqueens naked body.

"Fuck you! You deranged bitch!" Fightqueen spat but was immediately rewarded with a strike of the riding crop between her legs that made her grunt.

"No, no Fightqueen my love. The fucking part comes later." Madam Dani giggled.

Slowly her hand began to carress Fightqueen’s toned abdomen.
"You see, we kidnap people to train them into slaves that can be used for our sessions. We observed them for so long so we could kidnap them without leaving a trace." Dani smiled as her hand went lower and she began to fondle Fightqueens womanhood.

"However, since you are a vigilante I doubt anyone will come looking for you." Dani inserted a finger deep in her sex and Fightqueen could not help but moan.

"I’m sure this all seems strange and new to you but over time you will come to deal with it and even like it. However to rebuild you into a slave we first must tear you down." Dani said and at the same she seized Fightqueen’s pussy lips between her fingers and painfully twisted it.
Fightqueen cried out in pain.
Seemingly annoyed by her screaming Madam Dani forced a ballgag deep in her mouth and buckled it in place.

“Now, now, I’m not even beginning” Madam Dani teased as she took two nipple clamps and clipped them onto Fightqueens nipples who moaned in her ballgag and struggled. Her breasts bouncing around as she did so.
The next hour Dani began to apply all kinds of torture on Fightqueen. She spanked her with her hands till her ass was black and blue. She used a variety of whips to whip her back and chest.

At certain points the pain became too much and Fightqueen was about to pass out.
However Madam Dani stopped in time and allowed Fightqueen to recover before starting another diabolical torture session.


Madam Dani had pressed her hand over Fightqueen’s mouth and her fingers were pinching her nose shut. Not allowing Fightqueen to breath.
Her lungs burning as they begged for oxygen Fightqueen tried to twist her head free but the smiling Madam Dani held her tightly.
Just as her vision became black and she started to pass out Dani let go and stepped back.
Dani looked at the panting and bruised Fightqueen like a sculpter looking at a statue.
“We made some progress in breaking you. However sadly I have other matters to attend to.“

Madam Dani then snapped her fingers and two other women walked in.
One was petite and Asian and the other was a long, athletic blonde.
Both were wearing revealing outfits that showed of their tight frame.

“This is Mistress Kim and Misstess Kara. They will keep you warm until I get back.“

Fightqueen was exhausted at this point. Her body was aching from the torture and she was not sure how much more she could take before passing out.

"Please, do not hurt me anymore." She grunted weakly.

To her surprise Kim and Kara began to gently massage her body.

“Time for you to relax my sweet heroine.“ Kara said before kissing Fightqueen full on her lips, her tongue invading her mouth.
She seductively rubbed her body against Fightqueen’s.
The next fifteen minutes the two women took turn in massaging and kissing Fightqueen’s bruised body.

The petite Asian's hands were caressing Fightqueen's body and she gently kissed and licked her breasts.
Suddenly a sadistic smile appeared on Kim’s face and she leaned towards Fightqueen's right breast and bit down hard on her nipple. Fightqueen screamed loud as it felt like Kim would bite her nipple off. After what felt like an eternity of pain Kim let go and began to spank Fightqueen’s ass with her hand.
Fightqueen screamed in pain but this only seemed to encourage Kim more.
She kept slapping Fightqueen's backside as if she was playing a drum.

The two women took turn in torturing Fightqueen combined with short breaks in which they caressed her and allowed her to recuperate.
Fightqueen had never felt so helpless in her life as the two women completely owned her.

After what felt like an eternity they unbound her and carried her to a bed.
Fightqueen fell asleep almost instantly.


Fightqueen woke up as someone pressed a hand over her mouth.
She tried to move but her wrists were cuffed to the bedframe.

“Ssshhhhhhh, I need you to be silent please. This is important.“ Kara said as she held her hand tight over Fightqueen’s mouth.
The cruel and dominating attitude was gone and her behavior had completely changed.
Fightqueen nodded and Kara removed her hand.

“Listen, my name is special agent Mason. I work for a police taskforce in deep cover assignments. For the last four months I worked to gain Dani’s trust. I am aiming to round up all her practices.“ Kara whispered.

Fightqueen had a hard time believing her but she seemed genuine and besides she did not have any other options.
“What do you want me to do? “

“I convinced Kim that I would handle you today. So she will not get anywhere near to you. I am going to get evidence out of the office and when I get back we will walk out of here and the FBI will raid this place.“ Kara said while removing her cuffs and giving Fightqueen her outfit back.

“Will they not recognize me with my suit on?“ Fightqueen said while she put her uniform on.

“Your suit will not look that out of place when we walk out of here. Trust me. I have seen people do some weird shit here.“ Kara said with a small smile on her face.
“The house is for the clients and the basement is meant for the training of slaves. When we are out of the basements we are safe.“
She gave Fightqueen some food and water and then left the room.

Fightqueen took slow sips of the drink and ate her food while she waited for Kara to get back.

After a while the door opened and Kara came back.
We have all the evidence she said while raising a map in her hand.

"Ok now follow me and be quiet, I am going to get you out of here and then we send an assault team in this place." Kara said while she and Fightqueen moved through the dark corridor.
"I don't think you're going anywhere, grab them and tie both of them up tight, very tight" Came the echo from behind them as they moved through the dark corridor in the basement.

Fightqueen only realized now how huge the underground dungeons were as she followed Kara through the dark hallways.
If not for Kara Fightqueen would have most likely lost her way.

"This way hurry", Kara said as they ran through the hallway. They heard steps behind them from their pursuers. "There is an exit up there around the corner".

As they got around the corner four women suddenly appeared out of nowhere.
All of them were decked out in leather catsuits, and bondage hoods that covered their mouths, but not their eyes.
Instantly two of them seized Kara and forced her against the wall.
The other two women tried to do the same to Fightqueen.
However Fightqueen used the momentum of the first one against her and threw her to the floor.
The second one swung a punch but Fightqueen knocked her backwards with a kick to the chest.

Meanwhile Kara had a hard time fighting the two women. One had managed to get her in a headlock and they were in the process of wrestling her to the ground.

Fightqueen kicked one of the women backwards which allowed Kara to break free and throw the other women to the floor.
Fightqueen and Kara nodded at each other as they dropped in a fighting stance while the four women prepared to attack them.
Fighting back to back they were able to match the four women who tried to attack them from all sides.

The women tried to seperate them but Kara and Fightqueen kept defending each other.
However the four women worked together as well and one of them managed to land a chop to the side of Kara’s neck that reeled her.
She tried to recover but was instantly grabbed by two women who twisted her arms behind her back.

Fightqueen tried to help her ally but suddenly Kim attacked her from behind and sended two hard punches to her lower back.
The kidney punches made Fightqueen wince in pain and allowed Kim to seize her right arm and wrench it high behind her back.
Fightqueen was forced to her knees while the small Asian forced her wrist between her shoulder blades in a painful angle.

As Kara and Fightqueen realized they had been defeated they heard someone clapping.
Leaning against the wall was Madam Dani.  
"Bravo, quite the show." She said on a sarcastic tone.

"Now I know why they call you Fightqueen." She laughed.

She then turned towards Kara.
"Agent Mason. You might be a cameleon but I see through everyone. Did you honestly not expect me to find out you were police?" She smiled.

With a gesture of her hand she ordered the women to drag Fightqueen and Kara to one of the rooms.


"So sad you decided to commit suicide agent Mason. Perhaps you could not stomach the interesting life of a dominatrix. Or perhaps you finally became nuts. Undercoverwork always has a weird effect on people. How long can they pretend to others and themselves that they are someone they are not? Seems like your inner conflicts made you commit suicide, how tragic." Madam Dani mocked with a sadistic smile on her face.

Kara had been positioned on a chair and a noose attached to a bar in the ceiling was tied around her neck.
With both hands she held a bar attached to the ceiling after which the chair had been pulled away, leaving her dangling several feet above the floor.
Kara was now literally holding the bar for dear life.
As soon as she would let go she would hang herself with the rope around her neck.

Sweat was dripping from her forehead and her arms were tensioning to not lose her grip on the bar.
However it was clear that it would only take a few minutes till she would be exhausted and lose her grip.

Fightqueen was held by two women as she was forced to witness Kara’s ordeal.

"Do not worry sweetie. After we watched how long Kara can hold on we will continue your training." Madam Dani smiled at her.

Suddenly a slender girl wearing nothing but a thong and a corset ran in.
"Madam Dani the cops are entering the club. They will soon discover the access to the dungeons." She gasped panicked.

A stern look appeared on her face and then she motioned at the women present.
"Take Fightqueen away, destroy all the evidence and escape through the tunnels. The cops will find no one or nothing incriminating here except some undercover bug that just hung herself."

Quickly the two women dragged Fightqueen away into one of the dark hallways.
With all the chaos of women taking evidence away and leaving the basement through the tunnels Fightqueen decided it was time to act.

In a swift motion she pulled free from her captors and elbowed the nearest girl in her stomach.
The other girl tried to push her against the wall but Fightqueen threw her to the floor.
A swift combination of punches later and the two girls were out cold.

Quickly Fightqueen speeded back and then encountered Madam Dani in the hallway.

"Well, well. Looks like you managed to escape again, such a bright girl." She chuckled while looking amused at Fightqueen.

"Same can not be said of you. You are not escaping here and you will rot in jail." Fightqueen said while looking at her tormentor.
She raised her fists in a fighting stance as she prepared to engage the Madam.

A calculating look appeared on Madam Dani’s face but then she smiled.
"As much as I would love to tussle with you again I do not want to be around here for the cops to find."

"Forget about it. You are not getting past me." Fightqueen said angry as she kept blocking Dani’s exit rout.

"So feisty. A shame I will not get to play with you anytime soon. However you seem to mis some major points here." Madam Dani smiled while gesturing behind her.

"Do you think Kara can hold on long enough for the cops to save her? Perhaps they find me here fighting you and a dead undercover cop." Madam Dani smiled.

"Or perhaps they find me here fighting you and she is alive, I go to jail and you two live happily ever after. However what are the odds? Perhaps I make quick work of you and I escape while Kara dies. So many outcomes are possible. And only a few favorable for poor Kara" Dana’s voice was teasing as she seemed to enjoy Fightqueen’s uncertainty.

"However we can also agree that I let you save her and you let me go. In that case we wait for our next meeting to settle this." Dani smiled as she knew she controlled the situation.

"Also remember that you are a vigilante and if she dies I can tell the cops pretty much everything I want. Perhaps they will even think that you have killed their undercover cop."

Fightqueen stepped to the side knowing that she had no choice.
Her tormentor laughed and then ran towards the exit.

"Till next time sweetie." She said teasingly.


Special Agent Mason was literally fighting for her life.
Her fingers were numb and her arms began to shake from the tension.
Her entire body wanted her to let go of the bar and allow her arms much needed rest.
However if she would do that she would hang herself and her life would be over. 
She grunted in frustration as her grip began to slip.
Unable to bear her weigh anymore her fingers slipped and she fell.
However at the same time a knife flew through the air and cut the knot tying the rope to the ceiling.
The rope breaked and Mason fell hard on her ass.
Her hands were still trembling but she was alive.
Slowly she got back to her feet and saw Fightqueen standing in the doorway.

"Police everyone down!" loud voices echoed through the hallway.

Mason turned her head and when she looked back at Fightqueen she was gone.


Two days later Mason was waiting on a rooftop in the middle of the city.
She still wanted to talk with Fightqueen and was happy when she had received a letter to meet her here at midnight.

She heard a sound behind her like a breeze. As she turned around Fightqueen was standing on the roof.
She was donning her dark outfit which perfectly accentuated her athletic body.
Seeing her here at night she looked completely different. She looked like a warrior, a creature of the night.
Mason had a hard time remembering she was the same girl that had been chained up helplessly in Madam Dani’s basement.

"Thank you for coming." Fightqueen said slowly as she seemed to look for words.

"Thank you for saving my life. Without you I would have been dead." She stepped a bit closer to Fightqueen.
I am so sorry that I tortured you in that basement. I was disgusted by myself. However I wanted to maintain my cover so we could take down Dani." She said as her voice slightly trembled.

"It is ok." Fightqueen replied.
She then paused for a moment before continueing to speak.
"When Dani had captured me and began to torture me I felt like all hope was lost. It was like there was nothing but darkness."

"However then you showed up and helped me. Instead of leaving me you tried to save me. I am sure that if it was not for you she would have broken me and I would have been molded into one of her slaves."

Mason was deeply touched. She had expected Fightqueen to hate her for her part in it. However she had never expected Fightqueen to be gratefull.

"Without much result. She escaped us and we are unable to find her.And even if we did we do not have a single shred of evidence against her to build a case. Four months of work down the drain. We lost." Mason replied coldly trying to now show touched she was by Fightqueens words.

"Sometimes not dying is the best victory available. A teacher of mine once told me that." Fightqueen replied.
"Why did the cops raided the place by the way? I thought you were unable to give them the signal."

"It seems one of Dani’s girls decided to call them when she realized she was going to kill me. Apparently trying to save my life was worth risking Madam Dani’s wrath." Mason said while looking down at the floor.

"She was right. You inspired her to do the right thing" Fightqueen said while putting her hand on Mason’s shoulder.

Mason looked up and was touched by Fightqueen’s words.
She felt a deep desire to embrace Fightqueen and kiss her.
However she did not do it.

Fightqueen her hand on Mason’s shoulder was trembling.
She felt a deep sympathy for this woman who had saved her.
A part of her wanted to kiss her, be with her.
However she did not do it.

After several seconds Fightqueen broke the silence.
"So, what are you going to do now?"

Mason blinked with her eyes as she seemed to need some time to process that question.
"Oh, well I am going to see what is left for us to work with. Perhaps there are other leads against Dani to pursue. I plan to take her down."

The women looked at each other for a moment, both unable to say what they were really feeling.

Fightqueen gave Mason her number.
"Call me whenever you need me." She said with a slight smile.

"I will." Mason said as both of them shook hands.

In a swift motion Fightqueen leaped off the roof and disappeared in the night.

Mason walked back to her car.

She was far from done with Madam Dani.

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Fightqueen: The monster inside of me.

Fightqueen was checking out a new gang.
After Carl Donovan got beaten into a coma there was a void that other gangs tried to fill.
A new gang had shown up and and had already eliminated a few competitors with military precision.
Fightqueen had checked them out and found out they consisted of former military personel.

They were acting from a bar that was basically a meeting place for former soldiers.
After identifying the major figures in the gang Fightqueen decided it was time to intervene.

One of their youngest members Tony had just left the bar and was calmly strolling towards his car.
Fightqueen seemed to almost materialize out of the darkness as she suddenly stood before him.
"What the…" Tony said as he instantly reached for the gun strapped at his waist.

However he was never able to draw it as Fightqueen punched him right in the gut and knocked his wind out. In a swift motion she pulled the gun from his waist and pressed it against his temple.

"Tony Ortega, I know you and your crew are trying to make this city your new turf. Consider this a first and final warning. Either you leave this city or I will take you all down." Fightqueen hissed threateningly.

Before Tony could say something she pistol whipped him across the face and walked off.

Tony crawled back to his feet and went back to the bar.

In the bar he went to the private table where Sean Andrews and the others were sitting.
"What happened to you mate?" Sean asked curiously with a heavy Brittish accent.

Tony told them what happened.
However as he talked he was not aware that Fightqueen had placed a listening device in his jacket that allowed her to listen to every single word they spoke.

"So you got beat up by a lass playing dress up?" Sean asked as he tried not to laugh.

Another men interrupted.
"Nah mate. I heard about tha. Fightqueen is sam sorta Vigilante. Local criminals are scared to death of her."
Sean laughed.
"That just confirms what a weaklings they already were. The last big shot here got beat in a coma by a Trick and Treater as well for fuck sake. After we put this Queen in the ground we can rule this city."
"We should be carefull Sean. We are new here. We should asses the threats before getting reckless." One of the men opted.

"You are right about that. Tomorrow we are going to asses a REAL big threat. If that one is cool we have nothing to worry about." Sean said.

Fightqueen smiled as she sat on the rooftop of the opposite building.
"See you tomorrow then."


The next day Fightqueen wore a coat over her uniform and had her mask removed.
Like this she easily blended with the crowd that was moving through the center plaza of the city.

Sean, Tony and two other gang members were making their way through the crowd and Gina had no clue where they were going to.

Tony seemed to wonder the same thing.
"Where are we going? You think we are going to find Fightqueen here."

"Not Fightqueen mate. Today you are going to meet a living legend." Sean replied.

The group walked into a store for building materials, powertools and all kinds of stuff.
As Fightqueen watched from a distance she saw them walk towards one of the employees.
The employee looked everage in every aspect.
Average height, average weight.

As the employee turned around she instantly recognized him.
It was Joe King.

"This is him guys, a true legend." Sean said as he pointed at Joe.
"How are you doing Joe?"
Joe looked calmly at them.
"Fine Sean, what brings you guys here?"
"Just seeing how you are doing." Sean replied and then looked at Tony.
This man here has the highest killing record in the history of the military. The local insurgants used to kill him the White Djinn. They believed he was a Dark Magician or something because he was such a great marksman. He could kill them anywhere, during combat, when they were eating, when they were sleeping with their wives. Joe here could get to them anytime, anywhere.
So they put a price on his head. 10.000 for whoever could kill Joe over here."

Sean paused for drama as he looked at Joe.
"10.000 was a fortune in that place. So everyone who could hold a weapon tried to kill Joe. However…. Joe kept killing every single person they send after him. Pretty soon they began to refer to him as The Devil dressed like a Man."

He smiled at Joe.
"That was some sick shit back in the day mate."

"Long time ago. I no longer do stuff like that anymore. Just living a calm life, way less tension"
Sean smiled.
"That is great to hear Joe."
"We were just discussing that if you ever would like to continue your old activities you should come to us. We always have room for a guy like you."

"No interest Sean." Joe said calmly.

"That is nice to hear. In that case we are back on our way." Sean said as he gestured the others to follow him.

"Hey Sean." Joe said suddenly.
Sean turned around.

"Do not come back here anymore." Joe said calmly however this time there was a very clear undertone of a threat in his words.

"No problem Joe." Sean said as he walked out of the store followed by his men.


"Dude, that guy threatened you. Why did you not let me kick his ass?" One of his men said as they stood outside.

Sean looked annoyed at the man.
"What you saw in there was not a guy. That was a monster trying very hard to convince himself he is now a normal human being."

"He does not look that special. He looks a bit…. average." One of the men said.

"And that is why we called him average Joe, however he the opposite of average. Probably one of the finest products the military has ever created. That man can use weaponry like no other. His creativity and tactics are unmatched. I once saw him kill three heavily armed insurgents with a handfull of sand and a screwdriver."

"Either way I am happy that this dude has quit the game. Things are great when he is in there selling stuff instead of walking around with his finger on the trigger." Sean spoke while the group moved away.

Gina had heard every word.
She looked forward to speak with Average Joe.


Joe was putting out the trash in the back of the store.
"I believe I told you to go find another hobby." He said while slowly turning around.

Fightqueen stepped out of the darkness where she had been hidden.

"I never thought you would work at a place like this." Fightqueen said.

Joe did not say anything.

"I heard what those men said. Was it true? "

"None of your business." Joe said calmly.

"I am going after those men. What can you tell me about them?" Fightqueen asked.

"That you should not go after them. They are trained soldiers who use weapons. You are a kid dressed up like Zoro without weapons. Hell! I have seen traffic cops who are better armed than you."
Joe said while pointing at her.

"Do you not want to help me putting criminals behind bars? Help society?"

"I already helped society and it cost me nearly everything I had. The justice system can do this… or not."

In that case I will figure it out by myself. Fightqueen said as she prepared to leave.

"Wait a minute."
Joe raised his hand.
"Allright I will tell you about my past. So you can learn from it. That way you might not make the same mistakes I did."

Fightqueen nodded.

"Allright, much like you I was an ambitious and stupid kid who thought I had something to prove.
My dad was an alcoholic and not a very friendly one so I wanted to be better then that. Growing up I always had a knack for weapons. I started with darts, archery and then to marksman competitions. At a certain point I decided to give the army a shot." Joe paused for a moment.

"The army liked how I was working and liked that I could shoot well. In fact they liked it so much that they send me all over the world to shoot people for them."

Either way I truly believed in what I was doing. I believed that what I did was making the world a better place. So I left a trail of bodies behind while I thought that the great reward or the worldpeace was around the next corner. However there always was another conflict around the next corner. I believed I helped the world with each bullet I fired, with each person I killed. There was a monster inside of me that grew with each person I killed. That monster wanted more and more."

"I told myself that I was doing it for my country or whatever. However in fact I was doing it because I began to enjoy it. I had learned to love the fire, move towards the danger, embrace the killing and took pride in accomplishing my missions."

"However with each person I killed a piece of my soul got shredded away. And it took a long time before I finally realized that my feeling of accomplishment after each kill was just temporarily. While the burden of all the people I killed began to weigh heavier and heavier, their faces haunting me in my nightmares"

"So I quit. The little of my soul I had left I decided to keep. I vowed to never harm anyone ever again and it was going well until Tom asked me to check out that case at Peak Shape. Then I had to scare that blond girl away when she was strangling you." He ended his story.

"I am sorry that this happened to you. However I am not killing anyone while doing this. I just want to make my city a better place." Fightqueen replied.

"And I admire that kid. However your inability to kill is going to get you killed when you come up against serious players. You got beat up by a teenager. Sean and his crew will eat you alive."

"Who is this Sean? And where do you know him from?" Fightqueen asked as Joe seemed in the talking mood now.

"He is a SAS. I worked a few ops with him shortly before he got dishonorably discharged. He is a mean one and you should not cross him. Perhaps you should find a nice guy, girl or whatever you are into to spend your free time with. Stop playing Zorro."

"I do not have a choice. I made a vow to protect this city and I will honor that." Fightqueen replied.
"Thank you for the information." She said before disappearing in the night.

Joe shook his head before he turned around and went back in the store.


Fightqueen used the information she gathered through the listening device to formulate a plan.
Sean had spoken to Tony about how they had kept all their information in a warehouse outside the city.
Fightqueen realized that if she could get that information she could turn it over to the cops and they would all be arrested.
That way she could avoid a confrontation with the soldiers.

Moving through the night Fightqueen found the warehouse and realized it was abandoned.
The location was secret so they probably did not expect someone to search it.

Fightqueen was able to disable the alarm and entered the warehouse.
She went straight for the office where she suspected the information would be kept.
Opening drawers she looked for the information.

Suddenly she heard the click of a gun behind her head.
"Looks like the mouse came at the cheese." Sean’s voice said behind her mockingly.

Fightqueen closed her eyes as she realized she had been lured in a trap.

Suddenly she spun around and reached with her arms in an attempt to disarm Sean.
However Sean seemed to have expected something like this as he pistol whipped her across the face.
Dazed Fightqueen fell to her knees.

"So glad you could come." He smiled.
He then raised the gun and clubbed her hard over the head with it.
Fightqueen slumped to the floor as she passed out.


As Fightqueen woke up she was hanging from the ceiling.
Heavy chains were cuffed to her wrists and kept her suspended in the air, her feet could barely touch the floor.

Sean and his crew stood around her and looked at her.
Sean laughed as he saw she was awake.

"So you thought you could mess with us? That is going to cost you dearly." He said with a wicked smile.

He walked towards her and began to punch her hard in her stomach.
The punches were hard and Figthqueen screamed in pain.

Sean laughed at her pain and then punched her right in the face.
Fightqueen’s head snapped backwards and she tasted blood in her mouth.
Sean pulled her hair and forced her look him in the eyes.
"This is nothing yet. I am going to make an example out of you. This way everyone in this stupid city knows they should not mess with me."

He gave another punch to her stomach that made her gasp for air.

"Bring the blowtorch boys." Sean laughed.

Tony stepped forward.
"Is this really necessary? She is just a girl."

Sean laughed at him.
"Yes it is mate. If she wants to go Batman on us we will treat her seriously. So she will get the serious treatment"

He put the blowtorch on and the blue fire lighted up the room.

"So…. I am going to start with your legs. And then slowly I go higher towars more private areaus. When I start there you will beg me to kill you. However I will then pause. I will wait at least an hour before continueing."

"When I reach those breasts of yours you will most likely turn into a shock and die. However the entire process will take at least an hour of agonizing pain. We will then throw your torched body on the street as an example." Sean laughed.

"No, do not do this." Fightqueen said still weakened from the beating.

"Oh yes I will." Sean said with a sadistic smile.

Slowly he brought the blue flame of the blowtorch towards her feet, however then his head suddenly exploded.

Tony looked surprised but then a bullet hit the side of his head and ripped straight through his skull, making his brain splatter over the floor.

The other men tried to draw their weapons but they all fell to the floor as bullets pierced through their skulls.

Three seconds later it was all over and they were all death.

Fightqueen looked up and saw Joe King walk into view.
The gun he had taken from one of the men outside was in his hand.

"So far for not harming people anymore." He said calmly as he began to untie Fightqueen.

It tookher a while to catch her breath from the beating she had received.
Then she gave him a hug.

"Thank you Mr. King." She let out.

"No problem kid. I was minding my own business when I realized I was a lot like you, stupid and way to stubborn to listen to good advice"

He pointed with his thumb towards Sean and his dead comrades.

"However being stupid and incredibly stubborn does not justify getting killed by those guys."
He paused for a moment as he tried to find the right words.

"Either way I admire you a little bit kid. There is no way I could do what you do. I only have two ways of handling things, kill them or not do anything at all. You walk a fine line where you refuse to kill but still fight for what you believe in. Now that is something I could never do."
As they spoke they walked out of the warehouse and Fightqueen saw one of the men lying on the floor with an axe in his skull. It was most likely the one Joe King had taken the gun from.

"Well I am glad you changed your mind and showed up for this timely intervention."
"Me too kid. However I am still convinced that one day you will encounter something you can not handle and it will end you. When the next Barbie is strangling you or SAS disgrace wants to roast you there might not be any help. However I respect your choice that despite the risks you want to keep playing Zorro."
"Thank you Mr. King. And what will you do now?" Fightqueen asked.

"I am going home, feed my dog and watch Jamie Oliver. And because it was such a hectic night I might go watch Gordon Ramsey as well."

He pointed at the warehouse.
"I am going to act like last night did not happen. I purposely took one of their weapons to kill them. The cops will think it was an assembly that got out of control and they killed each other. Those things happen with criminals."

The two shook hands.

"Thank you for what you did. Despite your vow you helped me."

"You are welcome kid. Try not to get killed."

Joe King watched as Fightqueen disappeared in the night.
"Kids, these days." He said as he could not help but crack a smile.
Fightqueen: The monster inside of me
Fifth installment of my character Fightqueen.
Please let me know what you think and feel free to offer suggestions for future stories.

Next installment within a week.

Special thanks to fairyprincessjess.deviantart.c… for proof reading and feedback.

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The house was old and stylish with a garden.
However for the people walking past it, it was just another house.
Whoever watched it would never fathom the dark secrets that it held.

In the cellar in the basement of the house a naked man was strapped to an operation table.
The man was completely naked and his arms and feet were tied with leather cuffs, keeping him in a spread eagled position.
The man was Detective Roy Rockson. He was 31 and he had spent the last two year playing a game of life and death with a serial killer, a game he had just lost.
A gifted athlete he was in great shape, however the leather cuffs were to strong and easily kept his muscular body restrained on the table.

The elder man known only as Whisper was looking down at his now captured opponent.
A smile was on his face as he looked at the captured detective with a mixture of accomplishment and admiration.

"I believe congratulations are in order Detective Anderson. You managed to find out I am the Chess killer. A shame you will not be able to tell anyone about it." The man spoke with a charismatic, sophisticated voice.

With a defiant look on his face Roylooked up at his long time nemesis who had managed to conquer him.
It was three years ago that he had started his investigation towards the serial killer known as the Chess Master. This killer did not leave any traces or clues behind except for a chess piece.
A rising star in the department and a practical genius Royhad made it his quest to track this crafty killer down and bring him to justice.

Royhad made steps that no one else had and had made significant progress in finding the Chess Master. However the Chess Master had always stayed one step ahead of him.

His quest had become a personal obsession and as the trail had run cold Roybegan to spend his free time in investigating.
At a certain point he had a theory without any evidence to back it up.
In his goal to gather evidence Royhad decided to break in the house and try to find it.
However this had proven to be a mistake.
He had underestimated the Chess Master and the older man had overpowered and captured him.
Now Roywas his prisoner in the basement. The man he had wanted to bring to justice had now captured him.

Roylooked at his clothes that had been removed and were nicely folded on a table against the wall. His service weapon and back up gun were on the table as well.
As he had broken in the house he had prepared for the worst.
However he still had ended up defeated without ever being able to use one of the weapons.

The older man saw him glance at the weapons.
"So close yet so far away."
He was right, with Roystrapped to the table like that the guns were just as accessible as if they would be locked in a vault on the moon.

Whisper slowly and almost tenderly cupped Ronald’s chin and forced him to look him in the eyes.
"You were a most worthy opponent. You managed to see through the layers of illusions I had woven, which forced me to improve my game."

Roylooked at the man in disgust.
"You kill innocent people, you call that a game? Why are you doing this?"

The man’s mouth parted in a sly smile as he seemed to look for the right words.
"I do this because it pleases me, the feeling of being in complete control over someone and holding their very life in my hand gives a sensation that can not be found anywhere else."

He paused for a moment.

"However I mostly do it for the challenge, to see if I could actually outsmart everyone and could keep getting away with it. It was most enjoyable to see the cops stumble around in the dark as they had no clue how to find me. I sometimes left some fake clues on the crime scene just to misdirect them and watch them chase their own tail. It was all so easy, I nearly quit because it began to bore me."
Whisper then looked at Ronald.
"However then you came along. You saw through my illusions like they were merely made of glass. At that point I knew I had found a worthy opponent. I knew that you were the one person that could be able to figure it out and defeat me. You forced me to improve myself."

As he spoke he tenderly placed his hands on Ronald’s chest.
One hand kneaded his strong pec while the other hand teasingly drew small circles around his nipple.

"In the end I always had hoped it would end like this, me besting you and with you tied up and naked on my table. You played this game well but I played it great."

Roy kept looking defiant as he tried not to get distracted by the tender fondling of the man.
"You know others will find out I am here. You will not get away with this."
The man playfully pinched Ronald’s nipple while his other hand now began to caress his ripped abdomen.
He gave the detective an almost compassionate look.
"Detective Anderson, Ronald, you played this game so well. Please do not embarrass yourself with empty threats or a pathetic attempt to play a bluff on me. No one will find out you are here. You already earned my respect, however you have lost and you are mine now."
Roy thought of something to say but could not come up with a witty response.
The man was correct, he had never told anyone about his plan to break in the house.
No one would know he was here.

Whisper smiled as he seemed to read the realization of helplessness on Ronald’s face.
His hands kept caressing Ronald’s chest and abdomen and slowly slid lower towards his groin.
Whisper grabbed a hold of Ronald’s dick and he grinned as he felt it was already semi erect.

"Like I said I love being in complete control. I looked forward to this moment ever since I first laid eyes on you."

Roy moaned involuntarily as Whisper began to stroke his dick.
With his other hand he gently began to massage his scrotum as he increased the stroking until Roy now had a rock hard erection.

As Roy began to near a climax Whisper reached for a large bottle.
With a lecherous look on his face he increased his stroking and Roy moaned out loud as he threw his head back and exploded in an orgasm.
With the bottle Whisper caught his sprays of sperm while he kept stroking the dick of the moaning Ronald.

As Roy was done Whisper closed the bottle and put it away.
"I will add that bottle to my collection as a memory of our meeting." He said while he used a handkerchief to clean the tip of Ronald’s now flaccid penis.

He then opened a bottle of water and held it in front of Ronald.
After your exertion I think you would like some water."

Roy looked suspiciously at the water.
Whisper seemed to read his thoughts.
"Do not worry I am not poisoning you. I need you in peak shape for what comes next."
To convince him Whisper took a big gulp from the bottle and then held it in front of Roy again.

Roy took slow sips from the water until he was content.
Whisper almost lovingly stroked his hair after which he put the bottle away.
He then hand fed Roy an energy bar.

"What will you do with me?" Roy asked. However a part of him already knew the answer.

A triumphant smile appeared on Whisper’s face.
"You will be my next victim, you will be my finest work so far." He spoke softly. However his words felt like they cut straight through Ronald.

Royfelt panick rise up as he now realized he was going to die at the hands of his nemesis.

Whisper smiled at Ronald.
"You read the autopsy repports of all my victims so you already know what is going to happen. I just want to say that when I will display your body for the cops to find I will leave the white king piece on your body. It will be a token of how much I appreciated you as my opponent."
Ronald’s face grew pale as he realized what was going to happen to him.

"I have high expectations for you by the way. Someone with your strong will and phenomenal physique can probably withstand my treatments for a long period of time before dying. My record is six hours, however I hope to break that with you."

After this he left and then came in with a moving table that contained all kinds of surgery knives and tools.

Whisper looked at the detective with an excited smile.
"So, are you ready to begin?"

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Wife beater

Ronald Anderson had been a detective for a long time.
All that time he had followed the rules.
However this time he was going to break them.

He had just visited a women’s shelter to talk with a woman that had ran from her abusive husband.
The woman Chung was a small Asian woman that had married her husband Floyd Wayne a few years ago.
Since a year ago he had started to abuse her.
Ronald had been shocked as she had told him all the details about how he had beaten and abushed her. She had marks all over her body where he had hit her with his belt, she also had several marks where he had burned her with cigarettes.
Every time he had punished her he had dragged her to the basement and had beaten her up without mercy.
He even had held her tied up for entire nights sometimes even entire weekends in that basement.

As Ronald drove home he was still thinking about what she had said.
When he closed his eyes he still saw the frightened look in her eyes.
Ronald had experience with abuse cases, and he knew that there was a good change Floyd would never spend a day behind bars for what he had done to her.

Chung would most likely have to start a new life somewhere far away but Floyd could just live on with his life.
Ronald decided he would do something about it.

Ronald investigated everything he could about Floyd and learned he had a history of abusing and terrorizing his spouses. Despite this he had always managed to get away with it by lack of evidence.
This infuriated Ronald even more.

Floyd was a small, fat guy who had made some money with a brand of liquir stores.

When Ronald had became a cop he had done so to defend the helpless against people like Floyd.
Ronald decided to make a plan.
He would break in to Floyd’s house and would beat him up like he had done to Chung and all those other women.
He then would threaten him that if he ever would harm a woman again Ronald would break every bone in his body.

Ronald began to work the details of the plan.
He would wear dark clothing to avoid detection as he broke in the house.
Wearing a balaclava Floyd would never be able to identify him.
The cops would not spend much time investigating a case of a wife beater getting a bit of his own medicine.

However just to be sure Ronald made sure no one would see him go towards the neighbourhood where Floyd lived.
Even if Floyd would somehow suspect Ronald he would not have a shred of evidence against him.

Ronald was ready.
He was donned in dark clothing and the balaclava was over his head.
He had left his gun home but he had brought a collapsible baton.
Not that he expected he would need it.
Ronald was in phenomenal physical condition and Floyd was unimposing and more then a head shorter then him.
He would be no match for Ronald and after the first punches he would most likely wimper in agony.

Ronald parked his motorcycle a few streets away and then moved through the dark evening towards the house where Floyd lived.
Tonight Floyd would get what was coming for him.


1 hour later.


Ronald screamed as the belt was lashed over his bare back.

His plan had gone horribly wrong.
After breaking in the house Ronald had attacked Floyd when he came home.
However the small, fat man had not reacted anything like he had expected him to.
Floyd had fought back agressively and this had taken aback Ronald.
Before he had been able to recover from this surprise Floyd had already managed to overpower and capture him.

Ronald had been brought to the basement where Floyd had removed all his clothing until he was completely naked.
Floyd had then chained his arms above his head to the ceiling.
A legspreader was placed on his legs that kept his legs forced wide.
Naked and with his arms and legs forced wide Ronald felt himself awfully exposed and very vulnerable.

Floyd slowly walked around his captive with the belt in his hand.
With his eyes he seemed to admire the muscular body of Ronald.

"Care to explain why you broke in to my house?"

As Ronald not replied Floyd lashed the belt again over his strong back.

Ronald grunted in pain.
"You sadistic monster." Ronald replied angry.

The short, fat man gave him a curious look.
"Did you talk to my wife or something?"

Floyd slapped Ronald hard across the face and the impact made his head snap to the side.
He then struck the belt hard over his toned stomach, making Ronald grunt in pain.

"That bitch left me. If I found out you have fucked her I will cut your nuts off and feed them to you." Floyd said and Ronald could tell from the look of his eyes that he meant this.

As Ronald did not answer Floyd began to go through the pockets of his pants.
Pretty soon he found his wallet.
"Well, well, Detective Ronald Anderson, why would a cop break into my house all alone and attack me?"

As Ronald did not replied Floyd punched him straight in his muscular stomach.
Floyd knew how to throw a punch and Ronald gasped for air as the air got knocked out of his lungs.
Floyd then lashed the belt hard over his buttocks six times till Ronald screamed in pain.
Ronald could take pain but not like this, tied up and helpless while this fat guy was humiliating him.

Ronald got slapped across the face again and he felt his cheek burn.
Floyd smiled as he lashed the belt hard over his chest.
Ronald grunted and Floyd paused for a moment as he teasingly pinched Ronald’s nipple.

"I must say it is fun to get to beat on someone else for a change. I already know the breaking points of Chung, I am curious if you can hold out longer?"
He then painfully twisted Ronald’s nipple which made him grunt in pain.
Another slap across the face and Ronald felt his cheek burn and realized it was already turning red.
"You think you are some big, tough guy, trying to attack me in my own house. Soon you cry and whine like a little bitch." Floyd said with a sadistic smile on his face.

"You bastard you are going to pay for what you did." Ronald hissed as he uselessly tugged at the chains holding his arms.

Floyd lashed the belt again over his strong back to emphasize Ronald’s helplessness.

He then paused for a moment as he circled around Ronald like a predator circling a wounded prey.
"I have a theory and I need your opinion on it." He then paused to make the words sink in.

"I think you talked to that disloyal bitch and she told you about how I handle her when she screws up. Thinking highly of yourself you thought you could just walk in here and attack me." Floyd smiled as he continued.

"However the important part is that you know the address of the women’s shelter where that bitch is now hiding. So here is the deal. You tell me where that address is and I will not completely waste that nice body of yours." As he spoke he tenderly moved his hand over Ronald’s chest.

Ronald looked furious at the short man.
"I will not tell you anything."

Floyd laughed while he brushed his hand over Ronald’s sixpack.
He then suddenly grabbed Ronald’s balls in a tight grip.
"OOOAAAHHHH!" Ronald moaned as his entire body tensed.
Floyd grinned sadistically and tightened his grip more.
Ronald arched his back and threw his head back as he screamed in agony.
He nearly cut his wrists against the chains and tried to close his legs which was impossible with the legspreader.
The unbearable pain was ripping through his body and he felt like he was about to puke.
It felt like his balls were about to pop like grapes at any moment now.

After what felt like an eternity Floyd finally let go.

Amused he looked at Ronald.
"This basement is soundproof and I have all the time in the world, I will not give you any food or water and I will just keep hurting you in every way I can think of. And trust me I can be highly creative, this was just a little taste of what I can do to you…… The question is not if you will break."
He teasingly brushed his hands over Ronald’s aching balls which made Ronald wince.
"The question is if when you will break their wil still be anything left of you."

Also the longer it will take me to get that adress out of you the more I am going to punish Chung for it. I will drop her here in front of you and I will torture her for hours while forcing you to watch."

Floyd teasingly patted Ronald on his red cheek.
"I had fun, however I am going to get some sleep. Tomorrow I will come back and then we will continue our little game. I am curious if you will be more compliant in telling me where Chung is."
Without saying another word Floyd left the basement and put the light out, plunging Ronald into darkness.

Ronald’s body was aching and his testicles were still burning from the vicious squeeze.
He realized Floyd was right, he was already on the brink of begging for mercy at this point. If Floyd would keep going he would tell him where Chung was just to make the pain stop. His entire plan to keep her safe from this madman would horribly backfire and she would again end up in his cruel clutches.
It would all be Ronald’s fault.
As he was standing there chained up to the ceiling he realized he should never have tried to act outside the rules.

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Fightqueen: Stalker

Fightqueen decided that the best way to find Jane was to talk with her former psychiatrist Amanda Collin.
Chris had been strongly against involving her however that was before he had been knocked out by Jane.

The sooner Jane would be off the streets the better.

Amanda Collin was working in her office when suddenly the lights went out.
As she looked up she saw a female dressed in black standing in her office.
"What? Who are you?" She asked surprised.

"Take it easy. I am not here to harm you. I am looking for a former client of yours Jane Hunter." Fightqueen spoke as she looked at the strikingly gorgeous woman. Amanda Collin was a handsome brunette with an hourglass figure. Her long hair was in a knot and she wore glasses which made her look cute in a special way.

"Patient confidentiality, I am not obliged to say anything about her no matter what she has done."

"She heavily injured several people. Beat a man into a coma and Chris Ward is in the hospital because of her."

A worried look appeared on Amanda’s face.
"Oh my god, Chris? Is he allright?"

Fightqueen suspected Chris and Amanda had been more than just friends in the past together.
"He will be. But the next one might not be so lucky. I need to find her before she harms anyone else."

The woman seemed convinced as she began to speak.
"Jane Hunter is highly intelligent but suffers from extreme obsessions. She can get so focused on a certain goal or person that she blocks everyone out. Her entire perception is based on that focus and she will create delusions to ignore anything that attacks that perception. As a result she can be highly violent when someone tries to keep her from that goal."
"And what can I do about it? "

"Tell her what you really feel. But do not lie. She can notice that. If you speak the truth she will be confused but probably able to accept it."

"Thank you doctor." Fightqueen said before leaving the office and the lights turned back on.

Fightqueen moved through the night.
At least now she had an idea how to stop Jane’s mad obsession.

When Fightqueen had saved the wife of the drug criminal Jane had watched from the distance.
She had been confused by Fightqueens response.
Jane had abducted that criminal as a gift for her. To show her that she was willing to do anything for her. She would fight for her, kill for her, everything.

In her mind another idea came up. Perhaps Fightqueen was just tempting her.
Playing hard to get and challenging Jane that she was worthy to be her lover.
Jane loved challenges.
Ever since joining the gymnastic team she had loved to exceed other people’s expectations.

She could not wait to show Fightqueen she was worthy of her love and attention.

Deciding to follow Fightqueen from a distance she had removed her costume and was now wearing regular clothing and her long hair in a tight bun.
She had followed Fightqueen over the rooftops and through the alleys.

Fightqueen was highly aware of her surroundings but Jane was uniquely gifted in stalking people without them being aware.
The vigilante never noticed Jane following her.

Jane had positioned herself on the rooftop in front of the office of Amanda Collin.
She had hated the sessions she was forced to have with her.
She had hated it when Collin had told her something was wrong with her.
She had hated it even more when Collin had diagnosed her as unfit for duty.

Why did the person she loved so much was going to talk with such a disdainfull person who had stopped Jane from finding happiness.

Using a small binocular Jane watched through the window as Fightqueen spoke with Collin.
Fightqueen was standing with her back towards the window and Jane had a hard time to focus on the conversation and not just stare at Fightqueen’s perfectly shaped ass.

Unable to read Fightqueen’s lips Jane focused on lip reading Collin’s words.
She told all kinds of bad things about Jane and told Fightqueen that she was unstable.

Unable to hear this any longer Jane put the binocular away and decided she was going to do something about it.


Collin was in her office trying to work.
However her thoughts kept going to Chris.
They had known each other for a long time and had become good friends. During high school they had started a relationship and at a certain point they were soul mates.
However then things became different and when they both were obliged with their own carreer they had decided to break up.
However despite the break up they were still best friends and would still call each other if anything had happened.

She always knew that something could have happened to Chris in the line of duty.
Unlike her he was coming towards the danger and did not just talk about it.

Collin decided that after her shift she would visit him right away.

A knock on the door and a delivery woman in a blue uniform came in.
The woman had a cap which covered her brown hair.
She was carrying a large package.

"Delivery for you, please sign here." She said while giving Collin a notebook.

She then looked at the package and noticed there was no name on it.

"Who send me this?" She wondered.

As she looked at the package the delivery woman had closed the door of her office.
She then turned around and removed her cap and brown hair, which was revealed to be a wig.
Her blond hair fell over her shoulders.

"Hello Miss Collin. Do you not recognize me?" Jane said with a mean smile.

Fightqueen was at her house and went through her computer looking for any information on Jane’s where abouts. Since her garden house was now compromised she was most likely at a secondary lair or something.

Suddenly she heard a cellphone ring and realized it was the phone from the first house of Jane.
Fightqueen put the phone on speaker.
"Hello my lover. Did you miss me?" Jane’s voice was heard.

"Jane, we need to talk. This is not going well." Fightqueen said diplomaticley.

"Why is that my love? I thought everything was going perfect. We together rooting out the crime in this city." Jane purred.

"Because you are hurting people, innocent people, you have to stop this. Where are you now?"
"I am so sad to hear that my love. I was hurting them for us. They should not have come between us."
"I need to meet you. Where are you now Jane?"

"Closer then you think my love." Fightqueen suddenly heard the voice behind her instead of through the phone.

She spun around and Jane was standing in the middle of the room with a huge smile on her face.

"I knew a smart cookie like you would take my phone with you to find out who I was. However I put a little tracker in it to find out where your hideout was." She giggled.

Fightqueen could not believe this. Ever since this had started Jane had stayed ahead of her the entire time.
And now she had traced Fightqueen to her own house.

"My love, it is time for us to be together… forever." Jane’s face was friendly but her voice sounded scary as she took a step towards Fightqueen.

"You are insane." Fightqueen uttered.

A strange look appeared on Jane’s face.

"I do not want to harm you. However I have to protect you against yourself, even if that means I have to use force to do so. We are meant for each other, that is our destiny"

The she attacked.
In a perfect motion she stepped forward and spun around, her leg lashed out towards Fightqueen’s abdomen in a whirling kick.

However Fightqueen stepped backwards just in time and the kick missed her by mere inches.
Jane was clearly highly skilled as her kick had been performed with flawless form and great body mechanics.
Fightqueen raised her arms in a fighting stance and moved forward with a swift combination of punches.
However Jane moved into a similar stance and was able to avoid all of the punches.
As Jane swung a round kick towards the side of her head the kick was blocked on Jane’s forearms.
Before Fightqueen could follow up Jane replied with a low kick, slamming her shin hard against Fightqueen’s upper thigh, knocking her slightly off balance.

Immediately Jane attacked with a swift jab towards the face of Fightqueen. She blocked it but was unable to avoid the uppercut that connected against her bare stomach with a loud thud.

Fightqueen staggered backwards as another low kick nailed her in the leg.
"I know how you think and move Fightqueen. I know everything about you. I am your greatest fan." Jane cheered as she connected two swift jabs towards Fightqueen belly that made her grunt in pain.

"Time to show you something else about me then." She grunted as she slightly widened her stance for more mobility.
Swiftly she moved methodically forward and was able to connect a few punches to the face of Jane. As Jane replied with a punch Fightqueen had already moved out of range. Figthqueen landed another punch and performed a round kick which was blocked.

Fightqueen was able to connect a hook across Jane’s face that made her stumble backwards.
"Oh adapting your movements in order to catch me off guard. How smart, but I expected something like this my love."

Jane snapped a jab at Fightqueen’s face but as she dodged it by stepping back Jane followed her and connected a hard round kick against her midsection, knocking the air out of the heroine’s lungs.
Fightqueen avoided the follow up kick to her leg but took a swift jab to the chin that made her head snap backwards.
Fightqueen kept trying to defend herself but Jane connected several hard punches to her stomach that made her grunt in agony.
As Fightqueen tried to strike back Jane blocked her punch and replied with a hard low kick to her thigh that made her stumble backwards.

"Ready to yield already?" Jane laughed.
Fighgirl gave her a defiant look and aimed a kick towards the stomach of Jane, however she quickly caught it and pulled her off balance.
Jane was now behind Fightqueen still holding her leg and having one arm wrapped around her midsection.
Fightqueen could feel Jane’s firm breasts press against her back and feel her excited breath against her ear.

She tried to break free but was held off balance by Jane holding her ankle behind her.
In a swift motion Jane flung Fightqueen to the floor, where she ended up on her stomach with Jane holding her arms behind her back.
Fightqueen felt cold steel as handcuffs were applied to her wrists.

At this point she knew she was beaten and stopped her resistance.
Jane spun her to her back and straddled her body.
"You are so beautifull my love." She whispered while she looked down at her now captive idol.
The Stalker had a look of pure passion on her face and she seemed mad with desire.
Jane leaned forward and began to shower Fightqueen’s neck and face with kisses.
Her left hand began to caress Fightqueen’s bossom while her right hand slipped inside her pants.

Her expert touch began to arouse Fightqueen and she knew it was only a matter of time before she would give up and surrender to Jane’s aggressive advances.
Jane began to remove Fightqueen’s top and her breasts fell free. Jane leaned down and sucked Fightqueen’s nipples while she kept working to get Fightqueen out of her clothes.
Jane then kissed Fightqueen right on the mouth and her tongue invaded her mouth deeply.

The kiss was perfect but Fightqueen broke the kiss and looked Jane straight in the eyes.
"Listen to me Jane, we can not be together. You will have to accept that." Fightqueen gasped while being exhausted of both the fight and the kisses.

Jane just looked down motionless at Fightqueen.

"I do this crusade alone. And I can not be with anyone while doing this." Fightqueen said sternly, however as she said that she could not help but think about Chris. Poor Chris, who was now at the hospital. They could be such a great team together.

Jane kept staring blank at Fightqueen as she seemed to process the words and the meaning seemed to find their way to her thoughts.
Then she suddenly had an angry look on her face while tears ran down her cheek.

"You lied to me. You are a liar." She cried out.

Before Fightqueen could say anything Jane raised her fist and punched Fightqueen straight in the face.


Fightqueen woke up from the aching pain in her head.
As she tried to move she realized her arms had been cuffed above her head.
She realized she was laying on a traintrack, with her wrists cuffed to the tracks.
A rope had been looped around her ankles which kept her legs tied to the tracks as well.

"Do not worry love. Soon it will all be over."
Fightqueen looked up and saw Jane standing over her.
A hard look was on her face.
"If I can not be with you. Then no one will."

"Jane no! It does not need to end like this." Fightqueen said with desperation in her voice.

Jane looked down and a loving look appeared on her face.
Her voice sounded caring as she spoke.
"This is for the best. Just wait and see."

She then leaned forward and gave Fightqueen a kiss on the cheek.
"I love you. I will always love you." She whispered.

The she stood up and looked at the end of the tracks where a huge light quickly began to grow.

Fightqueen realized the light was a freighttrain quickly moving towards them.
She began to tug at the cuffs as hard as she could but they did not gave an inch.
Suddenly she realized the cuff around her right wrist was not that tight.
With all her might she yanked her arm and her thumb dislocated.
Ignoring the burning pain she slipped her hand out of the cuff and began to untie her legs.

The freighttrain was moving towards them fast and it would only be seconds before they would get ran over.
As she got her legs free she looked up and saw Jane stand there, her arms were wide and her face was looking up.
It was like she was inviting her coming death moving towards her.

Every fiber of her being told her to get off the tracks and survive.
However instead she leapt towards Jane and tackled her from behind.
The impact knocked them both of the tracks, a fraction of a second before the train ran through the position where Jane was standing.

Fightqueen looked up and saw Jane look at her confused.
"You do love me." She uttered.


An hour later the cops had shown up and had arrested Jane.
She would most likely be transferred to a psychiatric hospital in order to diagnose if she would be sane enough to stand trial.

Fightqueen had recovered from the adrenalin rush. She realized she became more used to dealing with life and death situations.
However she was not sure if this was a good thing.


Chris was standing on the rooftop where he and Fightqueen had agreed to meet.
He heard a light breeze of wind behind him.
As he turned around she was there, dressed in her dark clothing that fitted her sensational body like a glove.

Fightqueen immediately walked towards him.
She already had developed strong feelings for him during the case. However as she saw him standing there she realized she felt way more for this man than just admiration.
However she just hoped he would not have any hard feelings towards her for what had happened.

"Chris, I am so happy that you are alright. I…."

Chris interrupted her with with gesture of his hand.
He took a step towards her and looked her straight in the eyes.
For a split second Fightqueen expected he was going to kiss her.
However then she realized it looked like he was about to punch her.

After a silence that seemed like an eternity he finally spoke with his deep voice.
"After I had been transported to the hospital….." He paused for a moment.
"Did you spoke with Amanda about Jane?"

Fightqueen answered instantly.
"Yes, I needed to know more about Jane. She was hurting people. She had hurt you. I needed to find her."

Chris seemed to struggle with his emotions for a bit as he looked down.
"I…. I… I told you….. she could not be involved with this." His voice was shaking as he spoke.

"I am sorry. I just wanted to find her." Fightqueen said as she was not sure what this was about.

Chris looked her straight in the eyes.
"Amanda is murdered. And from the looks of it Jane has done it, after she spoke with you."
Fightqueen was speechless as it took a moment for everything to sink in.
Then she felt a sense of guilt rise up like a wave of cold water.

Chris face seemed to almost radiate the rage as he looked at her with disgust.

"I was willing to help you with you way. Respecting what you did. However you did not respected what we agreed and now my former fiancée, my best friend….. died… because of you."
Fightqueen wanted to say something but she had no idea what.

"I will let you go this time because you took down Jane. However I swear to everything I hold dear. The next time we cross paths I will arrest you. I will do everything in my power to stop your vigilantism. That is a promise." Chris said as his eyes seemed to pierce straight into Fightqueen’s mind.

Fightqueen did not know what to say. And she realized trying to reason would make things only worse.
"I am sorry Chris." She whispered.
She then leapt from the rooftop into the darkness.

Her dreams of having a partner in her crusade against crime were shattered.
Fightqueen: Stalker
Fourth installment of my character Fightqueen.
Please let me know what you think and feel free to offer suggestions for future stories.

Next installment within a week.

Special thanks to fairyprincessjess.deviantart.c… for proof reading and feedback.


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