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Lawkeeper: A Magical Art

As Kara looked at the candle flame closing in on the rope she thought of how she had ended up like this.

Helping her former lover Mystic Mike, Kara and him had started to search for treasure that had been stolen by Gordo the Great, a legendary magician.
Their search had led them to the House of Magicians, a club where only the finest magicians of the world are allowed to enter.
However someone clearly wanted to stop them.
Kara had ended up ambushed and knocked out by a mysterious assailant.

She was now in an underground tunnel strapped to a table with her head stuck in a guilotine. She had been tightly gagged and stripped to her undergarments.
She tugged hard at her bonds but it was clear she would not be able to escape.

Kara could only watch as the candle flame slowly got closer to the rope.

Just as the candle flame began to burn the rope and she thought it was over she heard a sound and Mike walked in.
His eyes went wide as he saw she was about to be beheaded.
Swiftly he removed the candle and freed Kara.

Kara explained what had happened to her.
Mike explained that after he had talked to Nicolas Flamel he had been unable to find her.
He decided to check the hidden passage in the basements and that is how he found her.

“I got taken out while I checked Bart’s room. He had a map of several hidden passages in the house.“

“Well, it clearly is not this one. This tunnel was carefully hidden however you are the only person present.“

Kara and Mike investigated the tunnel but could not find anything else except the table and the guillotine.“

Perhaps it is something else Kara thought as she got an idea.

“There are four basements under this house and three of them have hidden passages or rooms according to the maps.
What if the fourth basement is the one that gives passage to the treasure.“

“The spot where you do not think it happens is where it happens.“ Mike added.

The couple went to the fourth basement and began to investigate it.

However they could not find anything except for a variety of magic probs.

There were few paintings hanging on the wall with several figures.
Kara recognized one as a king wearing a crown.
She remembered that one of the most prized possessions that had been stolen was a crown.
Kara got an idea and pressed on the crown. To her surprise it felt like a button and as she pressed she heard a sound and a piece of the wall slid open and revealed a passageway.

“Wow, impressive Kara. Mike let out as the two explored the passageway.“

They walked down a flight of stairs untill they entered a massive room.
They looked in disbelief at the room which was completely filled with treasure.
Expensive paintings were hanging on the wall and a variety of jewelry was exhibited through the room.
The place looked like a treasure room out of a fairytale and Kara quickly calculated that there would be at least for 50 million worth of art in this room.

In the center of the room there was an Egyptian sarcophage with the crown being placed on top of it.

“This is amazing. Gordo truly was great that he had managed to pull this all off.“

“Like a pharaoh he wanted to be buried with his glory.“ Kara said while she pointed at the sarcophage.

“This place looks it got maintained well. Someone must have came here.“ Kara noticed.

“Looks like you two found it. Congratulations.“ A mocking voice said behind them.

Kara and Mike turned around and instantly recognized the person standing there.

It was Robyn.

She was standing there with her transparent dress and her red cape. A devious smile was on her face.

“You! But how?“ Mike uttered.

“It is called a bit of misdirection darling. I was ahead of you ever since you first contacted me you thought the treasure would be here.“ She smiled.

“I feigned someone had targeted me, hoping you would get scared off. Or in a worst case scenario you two would find nothing and just leave. I then decided to kill Kara hoping that would throw you off and make you stop your search, however you managed to save her.“

She pointed at Kara.
“However sadly Kara here had to find out how it worked. Now both of you will have to stay here forever.“

“Why are you doing this Robyn?“ Kara asked.

“Because Gordo the Great is my ancestor and I am guarding his legacy. There is no way you two will destroy his legacy, the greatest illusion of all time by bringing his treasure back to the world. They should have honored him like the great magician that he was.“

“Your ancestor took advantage of other people and that is why he sufferend. You can restore his memory by returning the treasure.“

Robyn gave her a stern look.
“I will remember my ancestor like he really was. However you two will be forgotten.“

Mike glanced at Kara as he expected some kind of response from her.

Kara threateningly took a step towards Robyn.

“It would not be wise to try to stop us Robyn.“

Robyn merely smiled and slowly raised her right hand towards her face.
Suddenly she opened her hand and blew a red cloud of dust into Kara’s face.

Kara coughed out loud as the dust burned in her lungs.
She felt a strange sensation as her body felt heavy.
Slowly she slumbed to her knees as she was unable to stand.

“What did you do to me?“ Kara asked as it felt like her body was paralyzed.

Robyn smiled as she looked down at Kara who was on her knees.
With her feet she pushed Kara so she fell on her side.

“Get away from her!“ Mike said as he tried to push Robyn away.

Robyn replied by slapping him hard across the face.
“AAHHHH!“ Mike screamed in pain as Robyn then painfully squeezed his balls.

Mike fell to the floor clutching his groin.
“On your belly and hands behind your back Mike. Otherwise I might have to hurt you and Kara here.“ Robyn smiled.

Without much of a choice Mike obeyed and Robyn came up with two pair of expensive looking handcuffs which she used to secure the couple.

Robyn then took her time in stripping Kara and Mike down untill they were completely naked.
“Is it that cold here Mike“. She joked as she looked at him.


“Such a shame you two had to be this curious. I liked you Mike but now I have to leave you here to rot. Such a poor end for a magician like you.“ Robyn spoke.

The paralyzing powder had worn off however Kara was now even more helpless.
She and Mike had been forced in a gold birdcage that was just large enough for them to fit in.
Kara and Mike were pressed against each other chest to chest, their faces only inches removed from each other. Since they were both naked it was even more awkward as Mike’s package was basically pressed against Kara’s crotch.
The cage was so small that they had no movement and with their hands still cuffed behind their back the situation seemed hopeless.

“What are you going to do when they come looking for us?“ Mike asked defiantly.

“Oh but they will not come looking, they will go looking…. for wherever they think you two have fled after having stolen some valuable jewelry from Nicolas Flamel.“ Robyn replied with a wicked smile.

“However I have to congratulate you two. Not only did you found the treasure, you now will become part of it.“ She winked at them and then left the room.

Kara and Mike struggled against their cuffs but they were not giving an inch.
The cage held them immobile and they could barely breath as they were basically pressed against each other.

“Any ideas?“ Kara asked Mike.

“No, seems like this is the end. She removed our clothing to make sure I would not have any hidden key or tool to free us with.“

“And I thought she just did that to humiliate us.“

“At least I will die in beauty. Been a while since we were in this position.“ Mike opted carefully.

Kara felt his erection grow against her body.

“Down boy, do not get any ideas. Less thinking about me. More about how to get out of here alive.“Kara replied sharply.

“I have a hairclip in my hair. Can you do something with that?“

Mike used his mouth trying to get the hairclip out of her hair.
After several minutes of him grinding against her he was able to get it.
In a combined effort they both used their mouths to bend the hairclip.
Kara was reminded of how it was a long time ago that they had been this close.

Kara was able to bend the clip with her mouth and leaned forward while Mike took it over with his teeth.

It took at least half an hour more but then Mike was able to use the hairclip to remove his cuffs.

An hour later he had opened the cage and he and Kara removed their cuffs and put their clothes on.

“Let’s get that bitch!“ Kara hissed.


Kara and Mike went through the hall where everyone was admiring a magic show.
“Go talk to Nicolas, tell him what happened.“  Kara told Mike while she looked around for Robyn.

Moving through the crowd she saw Robyn sipping a drink at the bar like she did not have a care in the world.

However then she noticed Kara and her eyes narrowed.
She gave Kara an intense look but then calmly walked out of the hall.

Kara followed her through the crowd, she was easy to spot because of her red cape.

However as soon as Robyn had left the hall she ran off.
Kara gave chase as she was not going to let her get away with this.

The two women raced through the house while Robyn tried to escape from Kara.
At a certain point Kara lost sight of her and as she rounded the corner she noticed the hallway met a dead end.
As she wondered where Robyn was the floor suddenly opened up and Kara fell down.
Kara landed agile on her feet. Looking up she realized there was a trapdoor in that hallway.
The trapdoor closed above her but the room was illuminated by lights in the ceiling.

As Kara looked around she realized she was in a labyrinth of mirrors.

Suddenly she saw Robyn reflected in the mirrors.

“You can not find me Kara. You are not able to see through illusions like I do.“ Robyn laughed mockingly.

Angry Kara attacked but she only succeeded in kicking a mirror after which the other mirror images smiled at her.
Kara tried to see which one was real but then they disappeared.

Kara moved through the labyrinth but was unable to find her while Robyn laughed at her.
As she realized the labyrinth was confusing her Kara concentrated herself and forced herself to listen to the sounds instead of using her sight.
She heard the light sound of footsteps on her right and moved towards it.

Quite soon she got out of the labyrinth and saw Robyn sprinting away through a hallway.

Robyn moved through a hidden door behind a painting and Kara followed.
She ended up in a secret room where Robyn was calmly waiting for her.

Robyn did not look worried and had one hand posted on her hip as she looked amused at Kara.
"So funny that you managed to escape and chased me only to end up as my captive again."

"I am not your captive." Kara said defiantly. However she felt a bit uncertain by the confidence of Robyn. She balled her fists ready to attack Robyn.

"Yes you are, now I think it is time for you to remove those clothes." Robyn said with a wicked smile.

Kara removed her clothing. She pulled the dress over head and tossed it to the floor and then she unhooked her bra and took it off. Ultimately she whisked her thong down and stepped out of it.
Completely naked she waited for Robyn’s next order.

Kara’s cheeks were turning red as she could not believe she had done this, she was going into a daze of disbelief, shame and confusion at having been put under control. She was now naked before the beautiful, dark haired woman, who regarded her with her beautiful dark eyes, her black hair falling to her shoulders.
A part of her wanted to fight Robyn however somehow she was unable to. It was like her mind had somehow accepted that she should obey Robyn.

"Put your hands on your head," Robyn ordered. "Get down on your knees."

Kara obeyed, putting her hands on her head and falling to her knees before the woman, who laughed at her.

"You are so easy to conquer," Robyn mocked. "When I knocked you out the first time I used hypnosis to place several triggers in your mind before I strapped you to the table. I just activated those hypnotic triggers and now you are under my control. You have stripped naked, and you have obeyed the first orders I have given you. Now, lay down at my feet and put your hands behind your back."

Kara, feeling more powerless then she'd ever had in her life, laid herself down at the woman's feet and put her hands behind her back. With a mean laugh Robyn put one of her feet on her hands.

"Do not move," Robyn directed sternly.

She left the room. Kara kept laying face down on the floor. She wanted to stand up and stop this humiliation; however it was like her brain refused to send the order for her body to move.

A few minutes later Robyn returned. The beautiful woman moved to her captive and straddled her, settling her weight on Kara’s back and sitting on her, Robyn’s smooth legs pressed against her body.

"I'm going to tie you up now," Robyn informed her. "As of this moment, you are no longer a free woman. Whatever happens to you from here is entirely up to me."

She tied Kara up, fastening her hands tightly behind her back with rope. Tears misted Kara's eyes; she'd never had given up without a fight, and the sense of powerlessness at having been placed under control, coupled with the firm legs pressing against her, overwhelmed her with shame and helplessness. Her heart raced and she couldn't believe how ashamed and pathetic she felt.

"Now you're helpless," Robyn mocked, pressing on Kara’s shoulders with her hands after tying her up. "A strong independent woman and a decorated police officer, naked and helpless, held down by a woman without any resistance. You're not a strong woman, you're nothing but my slave now and you're under my control."

She laughed. "Oh, how stupid you look, your hands tied behind your back, naked, with my legs against you. Soon you will beg me to let you go, but I am telling you now, I'm not going to let you go."

Robyn stood. She pulled her captive to her knees and moved in front of her.

"Kiss my feet," Robyn ordered. "Thank me for tying you up and putting you under my control, and surrender to me."

Kara swallowed and felt so ashamed she wanted to sink through the ground. Robyn had beautiful feet, and her lacquered toenails somehow looked very sexy. However, kissing her feet was a humiliating and degrading act of obedience, and showing such obedience to her conqueror seemed too much to take. In her mind Kara fought against the order to kiss her feet.

Then, with a sigh, her eyes still misty, Kara bowed low and kissed the woman's feet. Her throat tightened with shame.

"Thank you for tying me up and putting me under your control," Kara said softly. "I surrender."

"You will address me as 'Mistress,'" Robyn instructed sternly. "Now, say all that again, but address me properly."

The defeated heroine kissed her feet again. "Thank you for tying me up and putting me under your control," Kara told her. "I surrender, Mistress."

She laughed again. "All too easy. I must say I was surprised when you and Mike escaped. However when you chased me I knew I would capture you and have you naked and tied up, but I didn't think it would be this easy or quick. Now it's too late for second thoughts or struggling; you are naked and tied up, held captive and enslaved."
Kara was still crying from the feeling of complete helplessness.
Robyn smiled evilly and pulled her to her feet.

Calmly she marched the tied up Kara out of the room.
"I would love to keep you like my personal plaything however sadly you and Mike have seen the treasure and the grave of my ancestor and because of this I cannot keep you alive. I will dispose of you by locking you up somewhere where no one will ever find you. And then I will make Mike disappear as well. You two will take the secret of Gordo the Great with you in your grave."

Kara panicked as she heard this. Robyn was going to kill her and then Mike.
However despite this revelation she was still unable to resist and meekly allowed Robyn to guide her away.

"This house contains so much secret rooms. There are a few that only I know of. When I lock you up in there no one will ever find you again." Robyn grinned evilly.
"I tried to be nice to you by allowing you and Mike to share your final moments together and become part of the grave of Gordo the Great. However now both of you will die alone in the dark."

Robyn walked Kara through a hallway untill they reached a dead end.
"Watch this." Robyn smiled as she methodically began to press several bricks in the wall.

The wall made a light sound as it opened and revealed a small chamber, barely larger then a toilet.

Robyn smiled at Kara.
"This chamber is soundproof and impossible to unlock from inside. When I lock you up in here no one will ever find you again. I have another chamber just like this reserved for Mike."

Robyn took the helpless heroine by her arm and slowly walked her to the chamber.
"I think it is time to say goodbye now. This will be the end of you."

Helpless Kara allowed herself to get moved into the chamber. She stepped inside and Robyn smiled as she prepared to seal the entrance.

"I think not. Get away from her." Mike’s voice was suddenly heard behind Robyn.

A bit surprised Robyn turned around but then she smiled as she looked at Mike.

"Hello lover, so glad you could come. Saving me the trouble of looking for you."

"I will not let you harm Kara." Mike said defiantly.

Robyn laughed mockingly.
"We both know how this will end lover. You simply cannot resist me. Now save yourself the trouble and go lay down on your stomach with your hands behind your back. Otherwise I will have to hurt you again."

For a moment it seemed like Mike would give up and surrender himself to Robyn.
But then he looked defiant at her again.

"Have it your way I am going to make you scream like a girl and then I am going to strip you naked and tie you up." Robyn spoke while she walked towards Mike.

Suddenly in a swift motion Mike threw a large curtain towards Robyn that completely covered her.
Robyn struggled underneath the curtain but in another swift motion Mike yanked the curtain off her.

Kara looked surprised as Robyn’s clothes were now gone and she was completely naked.
Her arms and legs were tightly secured with rope and her mouth was gagged.
She had a surprised look on her face as she futily struggled against her bindings and moaned loudly in her gag.

"How did you do that?" Kara asked surprised.

Mike smiled at her with a mysterious smile.


Mike and Kara left Robyn bound and gagged and went towards Nicolas Flamel to tell him everything.
He and the other magicians were quite curious and Nicolas send a few people to get Robyn for questioning.

"This way Nicolas. The stolen treasure from Gordo the Great has been hidden underneath this basement. Mike said as he and Kara opened the secret door and guided Nicolas and several other magicians down the stairs.

The group entered the massive room where all the treasure was stored.
However nothing was there. The treasure was all GONE!

Kara and Mike looked in disbelief while Nicolas and the others looked curiously around.

"I never knew that this room was here. However it looks like there is not much here."

"But it was all here. This is impossible." Mike let out.

"Calm down Mike. I am sure there is an explanation for this." Nicolas spoke calmly.


After an hour Nicolas joined Mike and Kara who were taking a drink while trying to make sense of what had happened.

"Do not be offended Mike. But this happens to a lot of great magicians. There is just to much illusions and tricks at once when you enter this house. Sometimes this confuses people and they cannot see anymore what is real and what not."

"It was all there. Robyn tried to imprison us to keep it a secret."

"Yes, we also spoke to Robyn. According to her she tried to pull a joke on you but you accidently tied her up. Do not worry, these things happen."

Mike and Kara looked at Nicolas in confusion.

However they realized they had no way to prove that any of what had happened to them was real.

As they left the bar they saw Robyn sitting at a table while sipping wine.
She smiled as she saw them.

"Everything allright darling?" I look forward to seeing you again the next time." She said teasingly to Mike.

"And you as well Kara." Imagine the fun we could have together. She winked at Kara.


Exhausted Kara rolled off Mike as the two recovered from their passionate action.
Tenderly she moved her hand over Mike’s bare chest while pressing her naked body against his side.

"That was amazing. However I thought you already had someone else, your mysterious girlfriend." Mike said as Kara lovingly pressed her face against his, her long blond hair falling over his face.

"After all that had happened I needed this. Besides you are an old friend and I doubt she would mind." Kara said while she slowly and teasingly kissed Mike’s neck.

Mike gently pushed her to her back and then moved on top of her. He took a moment to enjoy Kara in her beauty, with her blond, long hair splayed out over the bed.
"You are amazing." He let out which caused her to smile.
He slowly caressed her body while they kissed.

"I cannot believe that each time we meet things end up crazy. Who would have thought Robyn would be capable of that."

"I hope you are not thinking about her right now?" Kara replied teasingly.

Mike blushed.
"Of course not. I just want to know how did she pull it off? Where did that treasure went? It felt like we lost."

Kara teasingly kissed his ear.
"An amazing woman told me one day that sometimes survival is the only victory avalaible. So I think we should just enjoy that we survived."

Mike slowly kissed her on the mouth.

"I think you are right."

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Lawkeeper: A Vanishing Art

With Bugia gone the city’s biggest threat was gone, however the city was still a mess.
New gangs had showed up trying to claim recources from Bugia’s scattered criminal organization.
After a night of fighting crime Kara Mason also known as the vigilante Lawkeeper arrived in her apartment.

She removed her custom and stripped down to her underwear. Kara wanted to take a hot shower and then go to bed.

“This view never gets old to me.“ An amused voice said behind her.

Kara spun around and saw a man sitting on her couch.
He was sharply dressed and could only be described as devilishly handsome.
Kara instantly recognized him.

“Mystic Mike.  What are you doing here?“ She said flustered while still trying to get her head around how he suddenly had appeared in her apartment.
Mike was a world renowned magician and Kara had met him during one of her undercover assignments. She initially had disliked the man for his arrogance. However after a diner things had changed…...

Mike smiled at her with his charming smile.
“I am here because I need help for something amazing. I go to a conference at the house of magicians and I need you to join me.“

“Great, but how the hell did you found my apartment and sneaked in here?“ Kara replied agitated.

“A magician never reveals his tricks.“ Mike teased.

Kara sighed as she always got annoyed by not understanding how he did his seemingly impossible tricks.

“Fair enough. And why would I join you to a magician party? I am a former cop not exactly a stage girl or magician like you.“

Mike raised an eyebrow.
“Do not talk this lowly of yourself love. You are a legend in undercover assignments and perhaps the best actrice I ever met. I am on track of a treasure stolen a few hundred years ago and I might need someone with your capabilities.“

“Stolen treasure, sounds interesting for a change.“ Kara replied stoicly.

With unhidden enthusiasm Mike told her about how a few hundred years ago a legendary magician Gordo the Great had stolen for millions of jewelry and artwork during a performance for the royal family. Gordo the Great had never been found and the theft had been considered one of the greatest mysteries of all time. However Mike had discovered that the House of Magicians had been a former home of Gordo and that the treasure might be hidden there.

However the House of Magicians was an exclusive club where only the greatest magicians of the world where allowed, each magician could bring one assistent. Mike had decided he needed an assistant with detective skills to aid him. And who else was more suitable then former undercover cop Kara Mason.

“So you want me to help you with your tricks?

“Why not. I remember we had a lot of fun together.“ Mike smiled flirtatiously.

“You still need to explain that trick to me. The one where in the blink of an eye we both had suddenly ended up naked in bed.“

Mike smiled.
“A magician never reveals his secrets.“


Kara looked in amazement at the building in front of her.
The house of Magicians looked more like a castle.
The building was huge and Kara could only imagine how hard it would be to find hidden rooms in there.

“Be carefull when we enter. Nothing in this house is what it seems.“ Mike warned her.

Have you been here before?

“Just one time. It was one of my greatest experiences ever. There are so much mysteries that we still cannot understand.“

Kara and Mike entered the house and were greeted by a buttler with a perfect English accent.

“Welcome madam and sir. Welcome to the House of Magicians.“

He raised his opened hand and the next moment he had a pair of keys in his hand.

“The keys to your room.“ The buttler spoke as if producing keys out of thin air was completely normal.

Kara and Mike thanked him politely and then went to their room.
They walked through a large hallway with armors holding a variety of weaponry standing on the sides like guards.

“How the hell did he do that?“ Kara asked bewildered.

“This is not just a place of magicians. This place is woven in the history of the greatest illusions ever performed. Gordo had a liking to this place and I found leads that he might have hid the treasure here.“

“Who is the owner?“

“The house is owned by Nicolas Flamel. He is a bit of a fanatic, has strange ideas about magic and almost worships the magicians from the past.“

“There is a bit of tension between us as he accused me of not respecting the traditions.“

In their room Kara changed into a white dress with a deep cleavage that perfectly fitted her athletic body.
Mike put on a simple but elegant tailor made suit.

The couple then made their way towards the main room of the house.
As they went through the hallways Kara was amazed as it seemed like they were moving through a maze.
There were all kinds of little illusions hidden in the decorations.
The paintings seemed to move and stairways seemed to change.
Kara felt like she was walking through Hogwarts.

They entered a large hall where a variety of sharply dressed men and women were enjoying conversation while looking at the magic tricks performed on a large stage.

Kara looked at the stage where a man dressed in Arabic clothing was doing all kinds of acts that seemed to defy the laws of nature.

“All the people in this place are master magicians, only the best are allowed to enter this place.“ Mike explained to her.

A man with a large cape and a pale face walked towards them with a confident stride.
“Mike welcome in our midst. An honor to have you again.“ He spoke with a deep, commanding voice.

Mike shook his hand and introduced Kara as his assistant. He introduced the man as Nicolas Flamel.

“We look forward to see your perform on the stage. You were most impressive last time.“

Two Asian women who clearly were twins joined the conversation.
Both were wearing a red dress that perfectly accentuated their petite and slim bodies.

Nicolas Flamel introducted them as Yin and Yang.

“This is the first time they are invited to The House of Magicians. Everybody was blown away by their telepathic abilities and acrobatics mixed with their magic.“

“So nice to meet you Mike.“ The twins spoke in unison.
They shook hands but one of the sisters held Mike’s hand for quite a long time.

The other sister seemed to size Kara up.
“What is your name cutie?“ She asked flirtatiously.

“Kara, and what is your name?“

“My name is Yin and my sister is called Yang.“

“Let me know when you have some time. I would love to explore some mysteries with you together.“ Yin said suggestively to Kara before she and her sister left.

“See you two soon.“ The sisters said in unison as they walked off.

“Those two are quite spirited, however a bit feisty. They remind me a bit of you when you first got here.“ Nicolas Flamel said as the two women walked away.

“I see what you mean.“ Kara nodded.

They talked a bit more untill Flamel had to leave.

“Seems like he is in a good mood. Last time we had a bit of tension.“ Mike said satisfied.

Kara smiled.
“I remember you always somehow managed to end up in trouble.“

Mike gave her a teasing smile.
“You mean before or after we had diner together?“

Kara raised an eyebrow.
“Do not get any ideas mister. I am already seeing someone.“

“Must be a lucky guy.“

“Who says it is a guy.“ Kara replied and then smiled at his surprised look.

Suddenly a man approached them.
He had a dark beard and a haircut that seemed to have cost a small fortune.

“Well, well. Mike the Mystic himself. I did not knew they allowed cheaters like you into this house.“ The man spoke angry.

“Cheating is basically our profession Bart. No need to get angry.“ Mike spoke calmly.

“You cheated during that competition and I am going to make you regret it. I should beat you right now for that joke you pulled on me.“ Bart spoke with clenched teeth while he stepped towards him.

Mike wanted to reply but Bart suddenly swung at him.
However before he was able to connect Kara had stepped in and caught his arm.
In a swift motion she twisted the magician’s arm behind his back and forced him to his knees.

“Calm down mister. We do not want any trouble.“ She spoke softly and then let go off his arm and helped him up like nothing had just happened.

Bart gave one last look of anger at Mike and then spurted away.

“What was that about?“ Kara asked.

“Bart did not approve of the way I won a magic competition last time. Thank you for your timely intervention.“

“It would have been a shame if he had hit that pretty face of yours.“ Kara said while playfully elbowing him in his side.

Mike wanted to say something but he then noticed a female walking towards them.

Kara saw the female was drop dead gorgeous.
She had long, dark hair and a heart shaped face with round eyes with a curious look.
Her spectacular body was covered by a completely transparent dress covered with signs.
Underneath the dress she was wearing dark lingerie that perfectly showed of her amazing body.
She was wearing a deep red cape around her shoulders that was the same shade of red like the lipstick on her lips.

“Mike my dear, how are you?“ She said with a melodic voice.

For the first time ever since she saw him Kara noticed a bit of uncertainty in Mike as he greeted her and introduced Kara.

“This is Robyn The Red Hood. I told her about that the treasure might be hidden in here and she mentioned she might have found something that can help us.“

“Yes, I found it. I have a map that shows a few hidden tunnels that are not supposed to be here. Perhaps the treasure is hidden there.“

“Come to my room at the end of the evening and I will give the map to you.“
Kara could not help but notice Mike staring at her as she walked away gracefully, her hips swaying with each step.

“So… seems like you two were pretty close?“ Kara asked.

“We dated for a while untill things no longer worked out. However we always remained good friends.“

“Judging from the way you look at her you seem to want more from her then just friendship.“

Mike looked a bit caught of guard but then he grinned teasingly at Kara.
“You just do not forget a woman like her.“

The two spend some time looking at the magic shows being on display.
Kara was mesmerized by the acts.

When it was time they decided to go to Robyn’s room.

“Are you sure you want me to join you loverboy? Perhaps she prefers you to come alone.“ Kara asked teasingly.

“We are on a teasurehunt. Perhaps after this. Or are you a bit jealous?“ Mike replied with a smile.

When they approached the room they noticed the door was open.

As they entered they saw Robyn was in deep trouble.
She was standing on a chair in the middle of the room with her hands cuffed behind her back. A noose was around her neck and her mouth was gagged with a scarf.
Another scarf covered her eyes and she was unable to see anything.
She had been stripped to her undergarments and her entire body was straining to not lose balance and fall off the chair.
“Mmmmphhh!“ She grunted panicked in the gag as she heard them.

Quickly Kara and Mike untied her and released her from the perilous situation.

“What happened Robyn?“ Mike asked worried as she hugged him while tears moved down her face.

I entered my room and looked for the map. Suddenly I got struck from behind and tied up.

“Who was it?“ Kara asked.

“I never saw who it was. I got grabbed and nearly hanged. My attacker said that we should quit the investigation to the treasure. His voice sounded unearthly and I think he used a deformer or something.“

“How can anyone know that we are looking for the treasure?“ Mike wondered.

“We talked about it in a crowded room. I am sure that in a crowd of magicians pretty much anyone could have eavesdropped on us or might have read our lips.“ Kara replied.

“That means whoever did this to you could basically be anyone.“

“The map is gone but I know what was in it. It referred to a secret passage in the basements of the house.“

We can explore it, however we have to be aware that whoever attacked her knows this as well. We might be dealing with a rival treasurehunter who is willing to go to extremes to get the treasure before us. Kara suggested.

“Perhaps it is Bart. That guy hates my guts. Perhaps we should check him out.“

Shall we split up? One of us can check out Bart while the other can check the basement. Mike said.

“That is how every horror movie starts. Better stay together. Look what nearly happened to me.“  Robyn replied sharply.

The group agreed that Robyn and Mike would discretely inform by Nicolas Flamel about hidden passages and if anyone had a bit too much interest in it.
Kara would break into Bart’s room and look for anything suspicious.

As the shows were going on Kara left and went towards the room of Bart.
She picked the lock and began to search the room.

She found all kinds of strange material used for magic tricks.
Just as she was about to give up she found a double bottom in his suitcase.
As she opened it she found a blueprint containing several notes of where passages in the house could be.

She noticed there seemed to be several tunnels hidden underneath the house.
As she was caught up in her discovery she did not noticed the person entering the room and sneaking up on her.

A light sound behind her but then before she was able to react something struck hard hard against the base of her skull.
Kara’s body went limp and she slumped to the floor as her consciousness started to fade.
As she passed out she was vaguely aware of a shady figure standing over her.


Kara blinked her eyes as she woke up.
She tried to move but found out she was unable to.
As she looked around she realized she was in serious peril.
She was strapped on her back to a table with a variety of ropes keeping her arms and legs immobile. However her head was stuck in a guillotine with a massive knife hanging high above her.
The knife was held in place by a rope. However Kara then noticed a candle had been place near the rope and as the candle would burn down the rope would slowly burn and eventually snap.

Kara tried to scream but then realized she was firmly gagged and only able to produce a muffled sound.

She looked around and realized she was in a hidden tunnel in the basements underneath the house and wondered if anyone would find her here.
Pulling futily at her bonds she watched on as the flame of the candle slowly got closer to the rope.

To be continued......

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Bugia must fall

The last days Gina and Kara had spend going through the information they had stolen from Bugia’s company.
Looking for weaknesses they had founded a building where all the data of Bugia’s illegal enterprises was stored. If they could steal those data and pass it to the cops Bugia would be going to jail. The building had no internet access so hacking would not be an option.
The only choice to steal the data would be to enter the building and upload the data in the server room.

They learned that the building named The Castle, was nine floors tall and was located in the outskirts of Epitome City.
The terrain around the building was secured by a fence and patrolling guards.
The server room would be on the seventh floor.

"We can get in the building, however going through all those floors and reaching the sever room can become problematic." Gina said as she looked at the blueprint of the building.

"We can probably fight through most of their guards. However if reinforcements arrive we will get attacked both from above and below. It will be like that movie The Raid or a crazy video game. It will be a death trap and we will most likely end up overwhelmed and defeated in there." Gina  added.

"When one side is to heavily guarded you can strike from another direction." Kara smiled.

"If we can land on the roof we can work our way down to the server room."

"You have something to get on the roof?" Gina asked curious.

"Yes, I got something." Kara smiled.


That night Gina and Kara were in a helicopter flown towards The Castle.
The helicopter pilot was an old friend of Kara and he would not say a word to anyone about their operation.
Gina was dressed in her Fightqueen attire and Kara had her Lawkeeper uniform.

"Ever jumped with a parachute before?" Kara asked as they looked down from the helicopter and saw vaguely The Castle below them.

"No." Gina said a bit concerned.

"Then just follow my lead, we will jump and pull our parachute open above the building."

After gathering her courage Gina and Kara jumped out of the helicopter.
Gina had never been afraid of heights as she had spend quite some time jumping over rooftops.
However being completely free while falling through the sky was something new.
She felt like she was flying as she and Kara quickly moved towards the closing earth.

The building was getting closer and Gina realized why it had been named The Castle.
It was the only building in the areau and it looked a castle as it towered highly above everything else.

Kara signaled Gina and the two opened their parachutes.
Both women were able to land on the rooftop and quickly removed their chutes.

"So, how was that?" Kara asked amused at Gina.

"Quite some fun. However let’s stay focused on the task at hand now." Gina replied.

Both women picked the lock of the door on the roof and entered the building.

Silent like shadows the two women entered the ninth floor without any incident.
On their way to the eight floor they were able to take out a group of guards without any incident.

However at the eight floor there were several people in office clothing at work.

“Looks like we have visitors here. “ A voice said behind her said.
The two women turned around and saw a man in a expensive suit standing there.

The men and women who were working behind their computers stood up and surrounded the duo.

“Fightqueen and Lawkeeper. Bugia will reward us when we capture you. “ A woman with large glasses said.

“You mean if you capture us.“ Fightqueen corrected the female with a smile.

“Get them.“ The man in the expensive suit ordered.

The office workers attacked them from all sides.
However Fightqueen and Kara stood their ground.
With swift combinations of strikes they knocked their attackers down.

The office workers were clearly trained martial artists, however Fightqueen and Kara were on another level and swiftly took them out.

At a certain point Fightqueen was in trouble as two women had seized her arms and tried to force her to her knees.
However Kara came to her aid and knocked them both out with her tonfa.

A few moments of violence later and all the office workers were laying knocked out on the floor.

Fightqueen and Kara went down towards the seventh floor.
They noticed most of the floor was filled with offices and that the server room would be on the other side.

As they made their way through the offices they suddenly saw two women walk into view.

“Looks like we have some uninvisted guests here Ronda.“ One of the women said and Fightqueen recognized her as Sara, the personal assistant of Bugia and Olympic medalist in freestyle wrestling.

The other woman was blond, in great shape and with a concentrated, aggressive look on her face.

“You two broke in the wrong building trick-or-treaters.“ She spoke with a harsh, dominant voice.

Fightqueen drew her collapsible baton and Kara held a tonfa in each hand.

“Give us the information and we will leave quietly.“ Fightqueen proposed to the two athletic females.

The two women took a few steps towards them and closed the distance.
“See that is where you are wrong.“ Sara said.

“You two will not leave here.“ Ronda added.

Fightqueen looked at the both women. She already knew Sara was a powerfull wrestler with amazing power and speed. However this Ronda looked a bit different then her. Her body looked in great shape and build for speed and explosive motion.
The way she stood there made it look like she was a Judoka or something.

Fightqueen and Kara exhchanged a glance and then dropped in a ready stance.

There was a moment of silence as both sides looked at each other.
Then they charged at each other.
Fightqueen faced of against Sara and Kara engaged Ronda.
The fight was chaotic and furniture got knocked over.
Fightqueen had learned from her previous encounter against the wrestler and tried to keep her at range, knowing she would be at a huge disadvantage at close range.
Fightqueen used the baton to swiftly strike at her.
However Sara seemed to have prepared as well. Using her forearms she was able to pary most of the strikes and replied with some heavy kicks of her own.
The kicks were not that technical, but they were explosive and hard.
Fightqueen gasped for air as one of the kicks struck against her stomach and made her stagger backwards.

With a vicious look on her face Sara closed in on her. However Fightqueen rolled away and struck her with the baton hard against her side, causing the wrestler to wince in pain.
While standing up Fightqueen performed a perfect spinning kick that knocked Sara to the floor.

Fightqueen realized she was at an advantage at this point. However then she heard Kara’s panicked shouts. Turning her head she saw Kara was on her back with Ronda on top of her.
Kara had been deprived of her tonfa and Ronda had her legs scissored around her arm while trying to go for an armbar.
Kara held her hands connected but Ronda was systematically breaking her grip in order to hyperextend her arm and cause damage to the elbow joint.

Fightqueen threw her baton through the air and with a loud thud it connected to the side of Ronda’s head. Kara swiftly spun out of the armbar and quickly straddled the dazed Judoka’s chest.

Fightqueen wanted to make sure Kara would win, however from the corner of her eye she saw Sara got back to her feet and moving towards her.
Fightqueen was able to avoid the swinging punches from Sara and counter with some punches of her own.
Frustrated the wrestler dove towards her legs but Fightqueen was able to move out of the way and avoid getting taken down.
Fightqueen was able to land a hard kick towards the thigh of Sara that rocked her off balance.

However Sara took the kick and replied with a vicious punch that struck Fightqueen in the stomach and made her gasp for air.
Fightqueen tried to reply but the wrestler tackled her hard and both women crashed through a desk and hit the floor.
Struggling hard Fightqueen tried to get up but Sara began to systematically pin her down.
Fightqueen was able to get to her knees but Sara forced her down again.
Sara had her arms locked around Fightqueen’s body and then started to slam her knee hard to the side of Fightqueen, knocking the air out of her lungs.
Fightqueen gasped for air but was unable to get up as Sara kept her pinned down on all fours.

Fightqueen looked at Kara for help.
However she noticed Kara and Ronda were struggling on the floor as well. Ronda had a mischievous smile on her face. She had her legs wrapped around Kara’s neck and shoulder in a figure four reverse sankaku. Kara was gurgling for breath while she weakly tugged at Ronda’s leg.

Fightqueen kept struggling hard but Sara rolled her to her back and began to punch down at the heroine.
Sara growled as Fightqueen’s arms blocked her punch. She twisted on top of Fightqueen, gripping the heroine’s left arm and applying an arm lock. Fightqueen groaned as Sara torqued the joint, applying immense pain. She gritted her teeth and attempted to roll out of the hold, but Sara rolled with her, her leg pushed against Fightqueen’s head and the woman's arm was trapped.
Sara grinned evilly as she pulled Fightqueen’s arm again, eliciting another groan of pain.
“Hmm how does it feel? To be trapped an unable to break free? I could snap your arm and you couldn’t even resist. You know what?” Sara smirked again, her face twisted with malice. “I think I will!’ Sara leered as she kept Fightqueen’s wrist tight and strongly extended the heroine's elbow.
“STOP I…!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Fightqueen’s scream of pain echoed through the office as her left arm popped out of the socket with a loud thud. Sara laughed as she looked down at the hurt heroine.

“I wanted to make this painless. However you should not have struck me with that baton.“ Sara said with a look of contempt.
Fightqueen held her elbow in pain but then Sara’s fist swung to her face and everything was dark.


“Yes Mr. Bugia we have caught both of the trick-or-treaters. And yes they both are injured but still alive." Ronda said through the phone.

“Sure, sure. We will watch them till you people are ready to bring them to your office.“

Ronda ended the call while Fightqueen and Kara were laying still croggy on the floor.
Both women were tied up and still hurt from their lost fight.

“I cannot believe I am working for that rich asshole. If he was not paying this well I would have done something else long time ago.“

Sara looked at Ronda and pointed at the tied up Fightqueen and Kara.
“You are the head of security from this joint so you can babysit them.“

“And you are Bugia’s personal assistant so you should do his dirty work.“ Ronda replied sharply.

“Well, this personal assistant is going to the kitchen for some food.“

“Me as well.“ Ronda replied as she followed her.

“You should not act that tought with me. Remember how I folded you in half last time we fought?“

“Yeah, yeah. Well I saw you taking a baton to the head after which I used that armbar technique on her. I am way better then you now. Remember that I am his personal assistant while you are basically an overpaid guard dog?“

“Wow Sara, did you rehearse that line in front of the mirror? You sound like you want to become a comedian?“ Ronda replied with sarcasm.

"Those two sound like a married couple." Fightqueen noted to Kara.

"Great joke. But when Bugia gets his hands on us there will not be much to laugh about." Kara replied.

Fightqueen managed to roll towards Kara so their wrists touched each other.

"With those bimbos gone we might be able to free ourselves." She said while she tried to unknot the ropes holding Kara.

After several minutes of struggling they managed to get their wrists free and untied themselves.

"How is your elbow?" Kara asked worried.

"No weightlifting for me the coming weeks. Time to leave."

The two women sneaked out and disappeared into the night.


Gina and Kara where in Kara’s apartment sitting on the couch.
Both women were bruised and Gina had her arm in a sling.

"We had our change to defeat Bugia, however we lost." Kara said while looking down at the floor.

"To be honest I do not see any way how we can take him out anymore. The Bugia tower is guarded like a fortress with dozens of heavily armed gaurds and I doubt he will leave information out there that can be used against him. Not after a failed attempt to steal information about his criminal activities."

"Yes right now Bugia is untouchable to us. However we must not stop the fight. At one point in time Bugia will make a mistake and we will be there to take advantage of it." Gina replied with fire in her voice.

"Besides, a teacher of mine once said that sometime the only victory is getting out alive. And we got out alive. We survived this to fight another day."

Kara paused as she seemed to make a decision. Then she leaned towards Gina.

"You know, nearly getting captured to be killed made me realize just how much I would have regret if I had not done this with you." Kara spoke softly.

"Done what?" Gina asked curiously.

"This." Kara said and then leaned towards Gina and kissed her full on her mouth.
Gina was a bit caught off guard but then she answered Kara’s kisses.

Finally giving in to their desires the women hungrily removed each other’s clothing and soon their bodies were entangled in a loving embrace.


Bugia sat behind his massive desk smoking a cigar and drinking scotch.
He was furious. Those tramps Ronda and Sara had managed to capture Fightqueen and her partner.
However they had been to lazy to watch them and they had managed to slip away.
He had put both Sara and Ronda on non active untill he would decide if he would actually fire them.
To be honest he could not afford it as they were both two of his finest employees.

He thought about how things had ended up like this.
When his businesses collapsed he had literally started a deal with the devil to save his imperium.
However as a result he was now in a tight spot and the vigilante Fightqueen was a larger danger than he had expected.

With his glass empty Bugia reached for the bottle of scotch.

However as he looked up he saw someone standing in the middle of his office.
The person was wearing a dark coat and a hood that threw a shadow over it's face.
The dark coat seemed a mixture between the habit of a monk and the clothes a serial killer in a movie would wear.
Bugia immediately felt like the temperature dropped several degrees and a shiver went down his spine.

“Look I am sorry. I know that I am behind on schedule. However I assure you that I will do everything I can to….“ Bugia stopped as he suddenly noticed the hooded person was holding a small broadsword that was soaked in blood.
Bugia looked in disbelief as the person slowly walked towards him and dropped the broadsword to the floor.

Bugia wanted to say something but then the person slammed the palm of his hand in his face, breaking Bugia’s nose.
With blood spraying out of his nose Bugia fell out of his chair on the floor.

He tried to crawl back to his feet but a devastating kick slammed in his side and made him collapse to the floor again.

Bugia screamed and begged to stop but the person kept relentlessly beating down on him.


A few minutes later Bugia was a bloody mess. His face was a mask of blood and he could barely breathe with his broken ribs. His limbs had been twisted in unnatural angles and his wrist had been broken.
“Please, have mercy , stop this. I do everything.“  Bugia uttered weakly despite his heavily fractured jaw.

Without saying a word the hooded person began to drag him towards his balcony while ignoring his pleads.

Bugia got pulled to his feet and his back was pressed against the ledge of the balcony.

“Wait, why are you doing this?“ Bugia asked weakly.

The Hooded person paused for a moment but then slowly pulled the hood back and Bugia saw it’s face.

Bugia’s eyes went wide in disbelief.
“This is impossible…. How can you….“ Bugia uttered confused as his mind tried to connect the dots.

“Are you the Dark Magician? But how….“
Without saying a word the person pulled the hood back so it covered it’s face again.
Then he gave a hard shove against Bugia and threw him from the balcony.

Bugia let out a horrifying scream as he tumbled down the building.
He felt the wind blow past his face as it felt like he was flying.
He looked around and then saw the street at the base of his building far ahead of him.
However it slowly moved closer and closer.
Bugia saw the pavement closing in on him fast.
With a sickening thud his body slammed on the pavement.

The reign of Bugia was over.


Chris Ward was listening carefully and with a bit of disbelief to Stacy Drew the medical examiner of the Epitome City Police Department.

“So more then fifty people of whom most where heavily guarded security guards got killed by a person using a….. sword?“

“Yes, it seems like it. The patron of the wounds on all victims are similar. They all got killed with the same weapon. A sword, probably a short broadsword like used by medieval knights.“

“How and why would anyone use a sword? And how can someone take out guards with machineguns using a medieval weapon?“

“I have no idea. However whoever it was has systematically worked its way through the building to kill anyone present. You are dealing with a mass murderer here.“

“A mass murderer with a sword.“ Chris said while shaking his head.

“And what about Bugia? He got killed with the sword as well?“ He asked quickly.

Stacy looked a bit upset as she replied.
“No he did not. He was thrown off the building. However it seems like he was already heavily injured before he got thrown off. It seems like the injuries had been inflicted with bare hands.“

Chris took a pause for the information to sink in.

“Allright, so someone with a sword massacres a building full of people. Then he gets to Bugia and beats him to a pulp before throwing him off a building.“

“That is right.“ Stacy confirmed.

“What motive do you think the killer has for doing this?“ Chris asked her.

“Perhaps sending a message. Killing someone’s employees and then killing the person itself can give a strong impression that this person should not be trifled with. This was not just murder this was complete destruction, I think whoever did this wanted to send a message.“

Chris paused long before he replied.

“I suspect another motive.“

“What is that“? Stacy asked curiously.

Chris looked her right in the eyes with a distraught look before he replied.

Fightqueen: Bugia must Fall
Eighteenth installment of my character Fightqueen.
Please let me know what you think and feel free to offer suggestions for future stories.

Next installment within a week.

Special thanks to fairyprincessjess.deviantart.c… for ideas and feedback.

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Fightqueen: Partners in Danger

"So remember girls. This weekend we will have diner with my mom." Vivian said.
Valerie, Gina and Vivian were just done with a long day of college.

Gina nodded.
Vivian and her mom Morgan had apparently decided to spend more time together.
Having dinner with her daughter’s best friends was part of that.

"I never met your mom before Vivian. I Cannot even begin to understand what it is like to have Morgan Fay as your mother."
Valerie smiled. She only knew Vivian since a few years and had never spoken with her mother before.

"When I was young me and Gina spend a lot of free time with her. When we were young she and dad liked to take us to museum and theaters."

Gina thought back to when they were young.
She remembered how Morgan had patiently answered her questions during their trips to the museum. She always seemed delighted that Gina was so curious and encouraged her to think more about what she saw. Vivian’s father John Fay had carried her on his shoulders so she had a better look at the elephants when they visited the zoo.
John Fay was a gentle and soft spoken man and losing him had been horrible for Vivian and Morgan.

"See you tomorrow girls." Gina said as the three parted ways.


Instead of going home and study Gina got her Fightqueen uniform and went to Kara Mason’s apartment.
Kara was waiting for her and she had donned her uniform already.
The two had decided to work together to bring Bugia’s reign to an end.
They would break in one of Bugia’s buildings tonight to get evidence that would link him to numerous crimes.

"Hi Gina, are you ready to do this?" Kara asked as she looked at Gina’s new suit.

"I feel more ready than ever before." Gina replied with a smile.
Having a partner to aid her in her crusade had made her feel like reborn.
When you risk your life time and time again fighting crime it is nice to have a partner to watch your back now and then.

The two women moved stealthily through the night like shadows untill they had reached their destination.

Using the hacking skills of Gina they gained access through a backdoor and they made their way to the manager’s office on the third floor.

On the second floor they encountered three security guards who were patrolling the areau.

Using hand gestures Gina and Kara communicated with each other on how to take down the guards.
Without making a sound Gina sneaked up behind the first guard and applied a chokehold.
The man gagged and attempted to escape her hold, however after a few seconds of pressure he passed out and slumped to the floor.

At the same time Kara used one of her batons and swiftly incapicated the two other guards.
They both hit the deck unconscious before they were able to make a sound.

The two women nodded at each other and then went to the third floor.

There were two guards patrolling through the hallway.
Moving in perfect synchronization Gina and Kara attacked them both from behind at once.

Kara used her baton to choke the first guard unconscious.
Gina threw the second guard to the floor and forced him to his belly, she then swiftly applied a chokehold that had him unconscious in just seconds.
The two women smiled at each other as they tied the guards with their own shoe laces.
Without any incident they reached the manager’s office and Gina cracked the password to his computer.
She copied the files on his computer to a USB stick.

"This looks interesting. We will check it out later." Gina smiled as she put the USB stick in her utility belt.
Kara nodded and the two women prepared to leave.

"Not so fast you two!" A voice suddenly cut through the air.

The manager and at least nine security guards entered the office.
The manager was impeccably dressed and was wearing glasses.
A confident look was on his face.

"Not that smart to break into this office. These security officers will detain you and then you will be brought to Mr. Bugia."

The security guards stepped forward and Gina and Kara saw they looked like former military, were all in great shape and were wearing bulletproof vests and belts that contained cuffs and a variety of weaponry.

"But before that we are going to beat the hell out of you." One of the guards, a muscular male said while he pulled an electric baton from his belt.

"I think you got that the other way around honey." Fightqueen remarked.

Like a trained unit the guards spread out through the office to attack the two heroines from all sides.
However Gina and Kara were ready as well.
In perfect unison they engaged the guards. The muscular guard tried to stun her however Gina swiftly twisted the baton from his grip and stunned him with it.
Without stop Gina moved forward and knocked down another guard with a flying kick.

Meanwhile Kara used her two side handle batons to swiftly knock down two guards in rapid succession.
One guard tried to attack her from behind but Gina knocked the guard down with a swift kick.

The guards were clearly trained and used team tactics trying to separate Gina and Kara.
However Gina and Kara fought back like a team as well.
Gina threw one guard off balance and Kara finished him off with a blow from her baton.

Working together Kara and Gina subdued the guards quickly.
After a short but intense fight only two guards were remaining.

One guard was a petite female and had short, bob cut hair.
The other guard was a tall male with red hair and a mustache.

There was a moment of silence as the two couples looked at each other.
Then they attacked each other in a flurry of strikes.

Gina was able to land two swift punches to the male but was then driven back by the female.
The female connected a solid kick to her chest that knocked her to the floor.
The kick had driven the air out of her lungs and for a moment Gina was unable to move.
Luckily for her the female had chosen not to attack her as she herself was now under attack from Kara, who relentlessly attacked her with her batons.

The male came at Gina and raised his feet to stomp down on her stomach.
In a swift motion Gina swiped her leg out and knocked the male off balance.

Both got back to their feet and the male attacked her with a punch aimed at her head.
Gina leaned to the side to make him miss.
Then she countered with two lightning fast elbow strikes that made him stagger like a drunk.
Gina connected a punch to his chin and the guard fell over like a tree.

She looked at Kara and saw she was in deep trouble.
Kara had been deprived of her batons and was lying face down on the floor while the female guard was straddling her lower back.
Kara was desperately trying to avoid the guard from wrapping a telephone cord around her neck to strangle her.
However from the looks of it she was not going to win this.

Gina picked up one of the electric batons and approached the guard from behind.
The guard grinned as she had managed to wind the cord around Kara’s neck.
However the next moment she screamed in agony as Gina electrocuted her with the electric baton.
The female guard went limp and Kara crawled back to her feet.

"Well that was not so nice." Kara said as Gina helped her up.

The manager had ran off and the two women decided to disappear before reinforcements arrived.

At Kara’s apartment they went through the files and realized they had found a goldmine of information about Bugia.


"And what do you plan to do after your study Gina?" Morgan Fay asked.

Gina, Valerie and Vivian had joined Vivian’s mom Morgan for dinner.
The food was absolutely amazing and Morgan seemed delighted they were here.
They had talked about all kinds of things and Morgan had shared some of her own experiences during med school and her internships in Africa before she had met Jonathan, the father of Vivian.

"I am not sure yet. I was thinking about doing computer security and perhaps program design."

Morgan nodded.
"That is great. I do hope you consider working for my company. We can always use talented and hard working women like you."
"People like you are the future of our city after all. Especially with the rise of crime over the last years." Morgan added.

Vivian nodded and Gina could not help but notice how much the two of them looked alike.
Both were elegant and sophisticated in their communication. However Morgan seemed like a more mature and much wiser version of Vivian.

"Speaking of which? Did the cops already found out why those mercenaries tried to kidnap Vivian?" Valerie asked curiously.

Morgan spread her hands in a quizzed gesture.
"They still do not know anything. They only said those mercenaries were probably hired by someone with a lot of money and connections. There are some dark people in this city with twisted motives…."

She looked at Ross, the head of her security who was standing discretely by the wall while his eyes seemed to see everything.

"What do you think Ross?"

Ross seemed to come to live as he stepped towards the table.
He was in his late forties with grey hair and had been working for her as long as Gina could remember.

"I would say randsom. However considering the price those mercenaries must have cost I suspect it could be involved with your company. Applying pressure by kidnapping family is considered an effective way to influence business decisions."

Morgan nodded thankfully at Ross for his opinion.
"And that is the downside of running a company worth billions of dollars. People can go to extremes to get you under their control."

"Do you think the problems of this city can be fixed with what your company is doing? There is so much crime in the outskirts of the city?" Valerie asked curiously.

"I am not sure. My company tries to pay for education and we try to get help for people who are on the wrong track. However in the end there is only so much we can do."

"I do not think people want to cause harm to others. I just think they grow accustomed to the misery around them. This shapes their behavior and makes them violent and the longer they stay that way the harder it is to change their ways and become something positive for society."

"It is not so much the people we should blame but the circumstances that make them."

Morgan wanted to say something but her cell phone went and she picked it out of her pocket.
Gina noticed a hint of surprise on Morgan’s face as she saw who the caller was.

"Excuse me girls, I will take care of this quickly." Morgan said while walking out of the room.

In the hallway she answered the phone.
"Yes Mr. Bugia, how can I help you?"

Bugia was on the other side and his voice sounded panicked and stressed.

"That monster visited me….. he threatened me…. I did not sign up for this. You talked me into this deal. You said he was reliable….."

"Calm down please. I do not like to deal with him either, however I fully believe that in the end it will be in the best interest of this city. Consider him a necessary evil. You wanted your company saved from bankruptcy and I thought this deal was your only option left."
Morgan replied calmly on the stream of words from Bugia.

"But it is hard to meet his demands. And even if I can deliver…. How do I know that he will leave me alone after that?" Bugia asked suspiciously.

"I made a similar deal with him. I kept my part of the deal and so far I did not have had any trouble with him. If you deliver on your promise to him I think all will be fine."

There was a long pause before Bugia replied.
"Alright, I will do my best to deliver to him. It was just…. When you proposed this deal to me…. I never expected I would be dealing with someone like him….."

Morgan could almost feel the fear radiating through the phone as Bugia spoke.

"We all do what we think is the best. And sometimes we have to deal with bad people to do good things."

"You wanted your company saved and your wealth intact, I want to help this city and we both know what he wants. If we all stick to the deal we will all get what we want."
Morgan spoke diplomaticly.

After a long pause Bugia reacted.
"Thank you Morgan. I will do my best to deliver to him."

"You are welcome. If you excuse me now I will go back to diner. Have a great evening."

Morgan put her phone away and walked back in the room.
Fightqueen: Partners in Danger
Seventeenth installment of my character Fightqueen.
Please let me know what you think and feel free to offer suggestions for future stories.

Next installment within a week.

Special thanks to fairyprincessjess.deviantart.c… for ideas and feedback.
Working on a peril story.

How should the heroine get overpowered and tied up?

A: Verbal command
B: Paralyzing powder
C: Held at gunpoint
D: Other: please comment


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